Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Official: The Cheese Has Slipped Off Sarah Palin's Cracker.

Minutes ago(well, maybe hundreds of minutes), AKM at The Mudflats noted that Sarah Palin has now denied that she ever joined with State Republican Party Chair Randy Ruedrich in calling for Senator Mark Begich to resign so that Uncle Ted Stevens could have a mulligan on the last election.


That fact that she did DID say it is something I commented on earlier.

Now her follow-up statement that she didn't want to "split hairs" about whether Begich should resign begins to make a little more sense... if you speak Palinese.

She didn't actually want Begich to resign, doncha know. She just wanted him to "step aside" so we could have a do-over for Ted, you betcha.

The actual status of a "Stepped Aside" U.S. Senator is a concept that's alien to me. Does he still get to vote? Does he still have franking privileges? Do we still call him "Senator?"

So many questions (like whether or not this woman has ever cracked open a set of Alaska Statutes in her life).

I'm thinking, Governor Palin... let's see... using your logic:

If Ted's conviction had been thrown out prior to the election, perhaps Begich would not have won...

... and if Alaskans realized you were both stupid and insane prior to the last Gubernatorial race, perhaps you would not have won!

I like it!

Governor Palin, I am officially calling on you to you "step aside," so that Tony Knowles and Andrew Halcro can have a "do-over."

And also.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Palin Urges Senate Democrats to Fill Vacant Seat... Say What?

Damn, Governor. What part of NO! don't you understand?

The Senate isn't charged with filling the vacant Democratic Senate seat, Sarah.

You are.

The catch is, you have to appoint someone who will be confirmed by those Democratic Senators. How many times I have to explain the freakin' appointment process to you?

The Juneau Democrats have offered not just one, but FOUR names from which to choose.

You, in a fit of being all mavericky (and such as) have ignored that list of acceptable alternatives, and twice now have attempted to shove someone else down their throats.

Twice now, you have been denied.

Your continued heavy-handed attempt to negate what is clearly a legislative authority (the confirmation process) is starting to piss off even the Republicans.

Give it a rest. Pick any one of the four, appoint them, and move on.

Governor Sarah Palin: Strike Two (or is it three?)

Well, it looks like the Alaska State Senate Democrats have again rejected Sarah Palin's pick to replace Juneau Senator Kim Elton.
I'm happy to see the Democrats sticking to their guns.

So, at the risk of being monotonous, I'll repeat myself:

Governor Sarah:

In an earlier post, I explained how the law works on this subject.

Perhaps now, you'll heed my unsolicited advice on how to deal with it.

Additionally, Governor, you said you wondered if (besides Beth Kerttula) "the other three (Jeff Bush, Sally Smith and Mike Miller) are interested in the job."

Hey - I have a novel idea for you: Pick up the phone and call them.

I'm sure your questions will be answered.

W.A.R. is Not Good for Children and Other Living Things

There is little I can say about Sarah Palin's pick of Wayne Anthony Ross (W.A.R.) as Alaska's Attorney General that hasn't already been said by Alaskans far more eloquent than I... but that has never stopped me before.

My friend Elwood over at I Eat Gravel; the inimitable Shannyn Moore; The AKMuckraker at The Mudflats; Celtic Diva; Gryphen at The Immoral Minority... the list goes on. At each one of the linked blogs, you'll find links to other Alaskan bloggers who have voiced objections to Mr. Ross.

There is apparently no one out there who, if not vigorously opposed to this appointment (the camp I'm in) that does not, at the very least, have strong reservations about this guy.

It's not just because the man is "flamboyant." Flamboyant attorneys are often excellent attorneys. Edgar Paul Boyko fit that category.

No, it's because for Alaska, this man is a disaster waiting to happen.

Ross's statements and record indicate he is a misogynist, a racist, and just an all-around divisive individual. That is not what Alaska needs right now.

There are a fair number of great legal minds in Alaska, and a great number of fair ones. W.A.R. doesn't fit either category. Truthfully, his legal acumen and overall suitability is mediocre at best.

How do I know?
In 2007, Ross threw his hat into the ring for an appointment to the Alaska Supreme Court.
In a poll conducted by the Alaska Bar Association in 2007 (out of 13 candidates) for that appointment, Ross's overall score was 2.8 (1 = poor; 5 = excellent). Not surprisingly, the Alaska Judicial Council did not nominate him.

Not deterred, Ross tried again in 2008, this time for a Court of Appeal appointment.
In that survey (with 14 candidates vying), Ross scored 2.9. Once again, the Alaska Judicial Council failed to recommend him for the appointment.

Which brings me to the actual point:

Governor Palin - WHY do you want to foist this man on the State that you claim to love?

Your responsibility should behoove you to set personal politics (and ambition) aside, and appoint a person who will be good for all Alaskans, not just the gun-totin', racist, misogynist Bible-thumpers.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Congrats to The Mudflats (or, not everyone agrees with Mike Doogan)!

Chris Cilliza of the Fix just released the "the best of the best from across the political spectrum in each of the 50 states."

Guess which blogger was chosen from the Great Land?

Yep! The Mudflats!

Congratulations, AKMuckraker! Huzzah!

Oh - and suck it, Doogan!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jon Stewart on Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Michelle Bachmann

Well, once again, it takes a late-night cable comedy show host to throw a cold bucket of reality on the fire that the right-wing crazies are trying their best to ignite:

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It's a pity that Jon Stewart (and Stephen Colbert) have had to assume the mantle of journalistic responsibility... they're comedians, for cryin' out loud!

Glenn Beck's babble has been directly linked to Pittsburgh crazy Richard Poplawski recent shooting of cops.

During the eight years of G.W. Bush, I don't recall any "left wing media" types encouraging violence and armed insurrection.

Why aren't TV journalists and pundits (with a few notable exceptions) putting the lie to this insane, irresponsible rhetoric by Beck and others? No matter your political stripe, this borders on sedition.

Apparently, there just aren't just that many actual journalists left... and comics have to pick up the slack.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Bit of Friendly Advice For Sarah Palin

Dear Governor,

Since I'm one of those "Bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie", I doubt seriously that you'll heed my advice... but that minor detail that has never stopped me from the unsolicited dispensing of it anyway, so here goes:

Sarah, you need to become more centered and relaxed. Here's a suggestion:

Try some deep breathing exercises.
Sit down on the floor, either on your heels (after removing the your "Naughty Red Monkeys" of course) or, place your feet together in front of you, knees to the sides, hands resting lightly in your lap. Either position will work equally well.
Sit up straight, so your lungs won't be compressed.
Close your eyes, and breathe in deeply, through your nose. For a beginner, the inhalation should last 5-10 seconds.
Imagine the breath traveling upward, flowing through the top of your head, and then down into your core. Hold the breath for a few seconds, then expel it, slowly, through your mouth, as slowly as you can comfortably do so.
With each exhale, picture negativity and bad thoughts leaving your body. Empty your mind (which should be fairly easy for you, you're almost there anyway).
Keep up this breathing process and allow the peaceful feeling to pervade your body.
Are you relaxed and peaceful yet? Good.
Now - rise, and go look at the list of replacements for Senator Kim Elton, and think about this fact, in your new relaxed state: Accept that this is a pointless fight.
No matter who you appoint, if they aren't from the list proffered by the Juneau Democrats, in the next election, Beth Kerttula will beat them like a rented mule.
So, stop fighting. Accept the inevitable.
Withdraw the appointment of Joe Nelson, pick a replacement from one of the four people on the Dem's list, and move on.
You must learn to pick your battles, Governor. This one has all the makings of a Pyrrhic victory, so let it go.

On that note - when the media asks you about the latest hi-jinks involving your immediate family, your extended family, or about the supplier of genetic material for any of your offspring or offspring's offspring (or their family or extended family), refer to the above breathing exercise.

Take a deep breath, exhale, and give the following answer with a smile: "No Comment."
You'll be amazed at how free this will make you feel.

The recommended breathing exercise aids in concentration, too... so maybe it will help you focus on being Alaska's Governor, instead of a presidential candidate in 2012, or a favorite of the tabloid media.

Trust me on this.
You'll be happier, and Alaskans will be happier.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Get the Net! By Comparison, Sarah Palin Sounds Normal

Sense I started this blog, I've sort of steered away from national politics. Not because I'm not interested, but because I think there're enough problems here at home that need our immediate attention (and yes, I know that national, state, and local politics are inextricably intertwined).

But in looking at the national scene today, I've come to the conclusion that compared to Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Governor Sarah Palin seems downright... well, normal.

An article in the Minnesota Independent quotes Bachmann (in reference to The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, a proposed expansion of the AmeriCorps program that Obama may sign into law this week) over the weekend as saying:

"It's under the guise of — quote — volunteerism. But it’s not volunteers at all. It’s paying people to do work on behalf of government. …

I believe that there is a very strong chance that we will see that young people will be put into mandatory service. And the real concerns is that there are provisions for what I would call re-education camps for young people, where young people have to go and get trained in a philosophy that the government puts forward and then they have to go to work in some of these politically correct forums."

Don't believe me? Here's the audio: The interesting part stuff starts at about 2:35.

By her repeated comments about our President and her encouragement of an armed revolt against the United States, it's apparent this woman is batshit crazy, a ready candidate for the rubber room.

It makes me feel kind good, in one respect - my fellow Alaskans who voted for Palin don't look quite as crazy and/or stupid as the Minnesotans who reelected this whack job.

On the other hand, the fact that Bachmann is in the Congress, holding any position of power should make all Americans a bit queasy.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

A Japanese toy company, Gamu Toys, has introduced Barack Obama Action Figures (with many accessories), Jason Linkens at Huffington Post notes.
You can go here and see all Gamu's cool stuff, but I HAD to post my favorite picture of "Renegade - Way of the Samurai" in action.

Here it is:

Watch out, all you evil doers!
This toy kicks some serious ass.