Friday, March 19, 2010

Batshit Crazies™ Advocating Deadly Force. We've Finally "Arrived," I Guess.

On St. Patrick's Day, the Redoubt Reporter covered the "Second Amendment/Constitutional Task Force" rally held at the Renee C. Henderson Auditorium at Kenai Central High School in Kenai (I've already voiced my thoughts on allowing people "palling around" with domestic terrorists to rally on Borough property).

These are the group of nutbags that drape themselves in the American flag while practicing sedition.

The usual "wingnut celebrities" were there, being "patriots" by railing against the government:
Bob Bird, who has been teaching his fractured fairy-tales version of government to kids in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District for decades;
Norm Olson, who was the founder and former leader of the Michigan Militia, inspiration for domestic terrorists and  mass murderers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols (until old Norm became too crazy even for the militia he founded).

But the star of the show was an apparently Awesome™  young man by the name of  Schaeffer Cox.

The 26 year-old is a leader of the Second Amendment Task Force in Alaska and a founder of yet another "Citizen's Militia" band of crazies in Fairbanks, the "Alaska Peacekeepers Militia."

Besides being a self-proclaimed expert on everything Constitutional (and more) Mr. Cox sounds to be pretty charismatic.  He ranted against the government, touted God's Law, and extolled the virtues of utilizing "force" against "The Evil.™".

Cox stated that there are several types of force: Monetary force and social force, as well as “violent, deadly force.” (emphasis mine).  According to the Redoubt Reporter, Cox had the crowd of 150 cheering and applauding at times.

What better way to whip up a bunch of gun-toting, pissed off nutcases than with catchy oration like this?
“I am not opposed to violent, bloody force. I know that is hard to say to a big group of people. It sounds kind of bad but that is something that we’ve got to reckon with. That is a duty that we have as an individual, as people who have families and friends.” (emphasis mine - and remember that emphasized part!)
So, as I read the article and his inflammatory verbiage, I found myself thinking...

"Who the hell IS this obnoxious kid?" and decided to find out.

Isn't The Google™ is a wonderful invention?

Through the use of this tool, I learned a number of things about the young Mr. Cox.

He's the son of a Southern Baptist Minister.  He's running a second time (as a Republican) for the District 7 seat in the Alaska State House from Fairbanks (and you thought the incumbent, Republican Mike Kelly was a jerk?), and Mr. Cox is obviously, completely, totally unfamiliar with the idea of humility.  

If you aren't sure he's Awesome™, all you have to do is ask him.

On young Shaeffer's Facebook page, he lists his interests as "Geopolitical Economics, Study of the Rise and Decline of Civilization, Study of the Old and New Testament, U.S. Monetary Policy," and his activities as "Racing Motorcycles, Sailing, Surfing, Ice Climbing, Scuba Diving, Hunting, Gun Collecting, Carpentry and High Altitude Mountaineering."  
What?  Not impressed yet?  Well, then, how about this? 
According to Awesome™ Schaeffer:
"I've lived in Alaska eight years. I've climbed Mt. McKinley three times. I've worked commercial fishing two years. I graduated from high school two years early, and started a very successful construction business. My wife and I live in Fairbanks, and spend a lot of time on our sail boat in Sitka. I am running for State House in District 7."
Just Awesome™, dude!

But then... I learned a few other things about Mr. Cox.

Remember when I asked you to remember my emphasis on his quote just up the page?

On March 1st of this year, Mr. Cox was arrested by Alaska State Troopers.  No wonder he doesn't like them and wants us to have Sheriffs instead (ala Roscoe P. Coletrane, I suppose) on a charge of "felony assault with a weapon."

According to the charging documents, Awesome™ punched his wife during an argument.  

When she warned him to never do that again or she would "leave him and take their son with her," Cox  completely lost his shit and strangled her into near unconsciousness.

Yep, Awesome™ is certainly not opposed to the use of deadly force.
According to court records, Mr. Cox pleaded "guilty" to a criminal misdemeanor charge at arraignment on March 5... but the case was reopened today, and he was arraigned on a new criminal charge of Probation/Parole Violation... so there's more to come, I suppose

Hey - good luck with that House race, Awesome™!  As much of a douchenozzle as Mike Kelly might be, he'd have to screw up really, really badly to lose the primary to a dipshit like you.

h/t to Jenny Neyman (real, by-god journalist) of the Redoubt Reporter and Ink & Snow.