Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On The Palin Pillorying Of John Bitney

John Bitney has worked for the Alaska State Legislature for more than a couple decades. I knew him when I worked there, and though we didn't always agree on everything, I recognized back then that John had a solid grasp of what formulated good public policy, understood his role as a legislative aide in helping to achieve that goal, and (most importantly) was always a straight shooter. As a result, we became friends, both in and away from the Capitol Building.

In her fictional work memoir "Going Rogue," John Bitney was another one of the numerous people singled out and smeared by Sarah Palin as being responsible for her lackluster performance as a half-term governor of Alaska.

In today's Anchorage Daily News, there's an article about Bitney's reaction to this. Like many people who thought they were friends of Palin, he, too, was "thrown under the crazy bus."

I think it's particularly hurtful to John, because he was a friend of Sarah's back in high school, he worked hard to help her get elected governor, he actually believed in her potential... and he did nothing to deserve such shabby mean-girl treatment.

I'm not worried about any potential damage that crazy Sarah Palin may have done to Bitney's career. He's recognized by a number of people on both sides of the aisle in Juneau as being smart and capable, so he'll be just fine.

But as John noted when he was a guest panelist on Shannyn Moore's local television show, Moore Up North, "the rules of engagement have changed."

Note to Sarah Palin: You would do well to remember the adage: "Be careful whose ass you kick on your way up, as you may have to kiss it on your way back down."