Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jesse Ventura Is Expounding on Politics Again... and Verbally Bodyslams Sarah Palin

If you're like me, and love listening to someone who simply doesn't care if he makes anyone mad, Jesse Ventura is pretty fun.
Last night on Larry King's show (among other topics), Jesse took a swipe at our Soon-To-Be-Ex™ Governor Caribou Barbie:


Cleaning Up The Mess - Alaska Legislature Calls Itself Into Special Session August 10

In order to clean up a couple minor details left behind by Caribou Barbie's resignation, the Alaska Legislature is calling itself into a Special Session in Anchorage August 10.

At this point, there are two items on the agenda:

To consider overriding Gov. Sarah Palin's recent veto of federal stimulus funds for energy-related projects, and confirming soon-to-be Governor Sean Parnell's pick to replace him as Lt. Governor, Military and Veterans Affairs Commissioner Craig Campbell.

According to Senate President Gary Stevens, R-Kodiak, the session is only expected to last one day.

The need to confirm Campbell is merely another example of Palin's habit of not really thinking things through before she acts (or maybe, not really giving a damn about the mess she leaves in her wake).

If the veto of the
energy-related stimulus funds is overridden, it will be a final nose-tweak for Sarahcakes as she wanders off to seek a brighter, shinier object.

Of course, Sean Parnell doesn't think the legislature should override the veto.
He thinks Sarah's decision was just fine.

In my opinion, he's not thinking too clearly, either.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quick Question For Rick Perry, Governor of The Lone Star State™:

Yesterday, Texas Governor Rick Perry picked avowed Creationist Gail Lowe to head up the Texas Board of Education.

Ms. Lowe is a firm believer that the earth is only about 6,000 years old, and that any "science" to the contrary is fraudulent.

She also believes (I am assuming) that The Flintstones is actually a documentary.

However, apparently Gail Lowe was the less controversial choice!

The other option under consideration by Perry was a woman named Cynthia Dunbar, who is also a creationist, but believes even crazier stuff. Like the country should be run by a Christian government using a "biblical litmus test," that public schools are unconstitutional, that Obama spells the End Of America™, and he isn't really a natural-born American citizen."


So, Governor Perry, I'll close with a simple question:

Aren't there ANY Conservative Republicans in Texas who aren't, you know... bat-shit crazy?

h/t to harriulysses for the image.

Yeah, I Said I'd Drop "Funny Sarah Palin" Stuff.

But I can't help it.

The media keeps giving Palin a platform, and naturally, given any opportunity, she jumps to center stage.

Sarah's on the cover of this week's TIME Magazine, being hailed as "The Renegade." Argh.

Here's a magazine cover shot that's far more appropriate, in my opinion.