Saturday, January 9, 2010

Remember The Big "Obama Youth Indoctrination Scare" of 2009? Apparently, There's A Huge Double-Standard When It Comes To St. Ronald.

At least in several school districts in Utah County, UT.

Remember back in September, when President Obama gave an address directly to kids in schools across the nation, sort of a "kick-off" to the school year?

Ever predictably irrational, GOP heads exploded. The well-known media outlet of the Republican Party, Fox News, even issued a "talking points memo" outlining the "terrible danger" of allowing our children to be exposed to unfiltered rhetoric from the President of the United States.

They might all grow up to be Socialists™ or something!  Look!  See?

Of course,  all the president actually said to the kids was pretty much "work hard, stay in school, get a good education."

Well, in Provo County Utah, one of America's Republican strongholds (where opposition to the president's student address was adamant), it seems a strange double-standard exists.

In Utah County, UT, indoctrination of school kids is perfectly okay when the Republicans do it.

Paul Rolly, columnist with the Salt Lake Tribune, notes that the Utah County Republican Party is sponsoring an  essay contest for sixth-graders in the Provo, Alpine and Nebo school districts (all within Utah County). The topics for the 600-word essay? 

"What was President Reagan's greatest Legacy?" and 
"February 6 marks Reagan's 99th birthday. If he were alive today, what would he tell us?"
Interestingly enough, back in September, the Nebo School District went so far as to prohibit teachers from watching the President's address!  

After all, a student might walk past their office and see the Scary Socialist (did I mention he's black, too?) on the TV machine!

But write an essay extolling the virtues of Ronald Reagan for the chance of winning a $250 first prize, $100 second prize or $50 third prize?
No problem.

h/t to Paul Rolly and Elwood Foreclift.