Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jon Stewart (America's Most Trusted News Source) Rips Fox News A New One About The New START Treaty

Why is it that it takes a TV comic to call bullshit on the blatant lies that Fox News spews?  
Why doesn't CNN or MSNBC ever call them out for simply making shit up?
Why does creepy Newt Gingrich get to lie with impunity about the New START Treaty?
Maybe the other cable news outfits just don't have the cojones that Stewart does.  

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The Big Bang Treaty
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Oh... and Sarah Palin?  Whatever you're getting paid to speak, you still know nothing.
So shut the f*ck up about the START treaty.  You can't even pronounce "nuclear" correctly.
Seriously.  Shut the f*ck up.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tea Party the Moon

Apologies for the dirty lens on the camera; it was impossible to see under strong afternoon sunlight.

The Tea Party Express is either a brilliant piece of surrealist theatre or a massive exercise in cognitive dissonance.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ballot Fraud - The "Alaska Anti-Corruption Act" Initiative... or, "Alaska's Gag Law."

Yes, I realize that the 2010 General Election is some 7 months away, and there will be a lot of candidates clamoring for your vote.

But there will be an initiative on the ballot that is potentially far more onerous than any of the candidates (including Don Young and Eddie Burke).

ALL Alaskans who favor a participatory government should crush this ballot measure.


In the wake of Bill Allen's shenanigens and Alaska Legislators accepting bags full of money in dimly-lit hotel rooms, how in the hell can anyone be against an Anti-Corruption Act, you ask?

Well, that's exactly what New York Libertarian multimillionaire, Astroturfer, and asshat Howie Rich is hoping Alaskans will think when they step inside the voting booth.

Remember what I said back in August about "Grass Roots" vs. "Astroturfing?"  This is Astroturfing of the worst kind.  For a while now, Howie Rich has been funding groups across the nation trying to get his own political agenda put in place by ballot initiative... and his agenda sucks.

Deliberately misnamed in an effort to confuse voters, the "Anti-Corruption Act" ballot initiative contains very little that's good, a whole lot of what's bad, and does virtually nothing to stop corruption.

What it will do, however, is abridge your rights as a citizen.

The measure bans the use of public funds as payment of dues or fees to "any league or association" which "engages in lobbying."

There goes the Alaska Municipal League (which lobbies the legislature in an effort to look out for the interest of Alaskan taxpayers).

Part of the definition of "lobbying" includes "any governmental official or employee who may participate in the formulation of legislation."  Yeah.  The LAST thing you want is any advice on crafting legislation from the local governments (and taxpayers) it will affect.

Any municipalities that use contract lobbyists will be silenced.  As a matter of fact, City Council, Assembly, or School Board members couldn't even travel to Juneau to advocate on behalf of their constituents if the governments they serve were to cover their expenses to do so.

Do you have a no-bid contract worth more than $500 with any governmental agency in the state?

Fuggedabout you, or any member of your family (right on down to your step-grandkids) making a contribution to any political campaign, even if the person you support has nothing to do with your contract.  
Hell, fuggedabout even contacting your legislator on behalf of those you serve.

Political Action Committees of any union organizations that have collective bargaining agreements with any government in the state would be prohibited from endorsing candidates or making political contributions.

In an excerpt from a February, 2010 Anchorage Press Article, here's what a few other people far more knowledgable than I have said (all emphasis mine):
Alaska Municipal League executive director Kathie Wasserman
“It’s a gag law; it has nothing to do with corruption or anti-corruption.  Municipalities would have no voice in how state government runs. It just shows how on the surface something can look like one thing, but you unzip it a little bit, you see it’s pure stupidity.”
AFL-CIO’s political director Joelle Hall
“It’s such an egregious attack on people’s First Amendment rights.  I don’t know how, if you’re an organization that is functioning in the community and doing good work, how you could support this. It affects nonprofits, for-profits, small business owners, big business owners, it goes out to reach everybody’s family members—I can hardly conceive of anybody who’s untouched by it.”
“Here’s an out of state group, virtually no reporting requirements, blowing into town, spending money, paying to get signatures, nobody’s ever heard of them, nobody knows how they presented the petition to people that signed it. ‘Are you against corruption?’ ‘Oh, I’m absolutely against corruption.’ ‘Well, sign the petition.’ But there’s so much language in the petition that will basically shut down the ability of most citizens to gather in groups and advocate for positions and issues.”
Vince Beltrami, president of the Alaska AFL-CIO:  
“The irony is that Bill Allen and the five or six legislators went to prison for a situation that, if this law passed, would increase the likelihood of that happening moreIt would do nothing to dissuade people from doing what happened in the VECO case. The Anti-Corruption Act does nothing to fix that situation. But when people were signing the petitions, I think that’s what they thought they were signing.”
The fact is, most of the "Anti-Corruption Act" violates both the state and federal constitutions, and if it passes, will be struck down in court.  Alaska's Attorney General has said as much, and so has the Legislative Affairs Agency legal counsel for the Legislature.  

But Alaskans should not have to go to the time and expense of defeating this measure in court when it can be defeated at the ballot box.

For more information about why this measure must not pass, go here.