Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jon Stewart (America's Most Trusted News Source) Rips Fox News A New One About The New START Treaty

Why is it that it takes a TV comic to call bullshit on the blatant lies that Fox News spews?  
Why doesn't CNN or MSNBC ever call them out for simply making shit up?
Why does creepy Newt Gingrich get to lie with impunity about the New START Treaty?
Maybe the other cable news outfits just don't have the cojones that Stewart does.  

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Oh... and Sarah Palin?  Whatever you're getting paid to speak, you still know nothing.
So shut the f*ck up about the START treaty.  You can't even pronounce "nuclear" correctly.
Seriously.  Shut the f*ck up.

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Grace said...

It appears that there was no history prior to 20 Jan 2009. Perhaps if they'd called this START, START II, Fox would have been curious & done some research. And found that START II was signed by G.H.W. Bush (the liberal, commie Bush). START III wasn't signed, but that name's probably not appropriate, either.
To your point, though, it is indeed discouraging, disheartening, and disgusting that so-called news networks allow such willful lies & distortions of history, such as Fox spews on a regular basis, to go unchallenged. However, a very large number of young people get their news from TDS, so there is hope that some truth is getting to them despite rewritten textbooks & parents who didn't pay attention when these events occurred.

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