Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cleaning Up The Mess - Alaska Legislature Calls Itself Into Special Session August 10

In order to clean up a couple minor details left behind by Caribou Barbie's resignation, the Alaska Legislature is calling itself into a Special Session in Anchorage August 10.

At this point, there are two items on the agenda:

To consider overriding Gov. Sarah Palin's recent veto of federal stimulus funds for energy-related projects, and confirming soon-to-be Governor Sean Parnell's pick to replace him as Lt. Governor, Military and Veterans Affairs Commissioner Craig Campbell.

According to Senate President Gary Stevens, R-Kodiak, the session is only expected to last one day.

The need to confirm Campbell is merely another example of Palin's habit of not really thinking things through before she acts (or maybe, not really giving a damn about the mess she leaves in her wake).

If the veto of the
energy-related stimulus funds is overridden, it will be a final nose-tweak for Sarahcakes as she wanders off to seek a brighter, shinier object.

Of course, Sean Parnell doesn't think the legislature should override the veto.
He thinks Sarah's decision was just fine.

In my opinion, he's not thinking too clearly, either.