Monday, September 7, 2009

On Welcoming Domestic Terrorists To Organize on Kenai Peninsula Borough Property

As much as I dislike giving any publicity to Batshit Crazies Bearing Weapons™, this is so over-the-top that it merits everyone's attention.

Take a look at the accompanying advertisement (left), which was published in the Sunday, September 6th edition of the Peninsula Clarion.

Notice the date of the "Powerpoint presentation" and "how to organize a militia unit?" Yep. 9-11.

The same people who helped organize the Michigan Militia are planning to get it started here... apparently with the tacit endorsement of the current leader of the Kenai Peninsula Borough government.

Norm Olson and Ray Southwell, whose anti-federal government insanity helped spawn the home-grown terrorists that killed 168 victims and injuring more than 680 in the infamous Oklahoma City Bombing, now plan on forming an Alaska chapter.

As if we don't already have enough whack-jobs walking around.

If you recall, these clowns were in their heyday during the Clinton administration, when they decided that the "liberal democrat" in the White House was hell-bent on "taking away their personal liberties."

Now, they appear to think they can make a resurgence... and why not?
In their minds, Obama's even WORSE than Clinton was!

He's black after all, and has a Muslim-sounding name!

Last month's spate of town-hall meetings across America, with all the screaming loons calling Obama everything from a socialist to Hitler, Olson and Southwell are encouraged that the time is ripe... and since Alaska has plenty of crazies, here's the place to get started.

Do I think they have a right to espouse their insanity? Yes I do.

Do I think the local government should be providing them a venue? No, I don't.

They are holding their organizational meeting in a building that belongs to the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

A building that houses the North Peninsula Recreational Center, and is funded by both the tax dollars of the citizens of Nikiski and the citizens of the borough as a whole.

However, our illustrious Borough Mayor Dave Carey seems to happily align himself with right-wing wackos who love to tote guns around, so hey - no problem with permitting people who advocate violent revolution to use a public building to foment domestic terrorism.

If you agree with me, contact the Mayor and let him know that you feel this a completely inappropriate use of publicly-owned, taxpayer sponsored resources.

His contact info is:

Phone: (907) 262-4441, ext. 2150
Office Address: 144 N. Binkley, Soldotna, AK 99669


kodiakgriff said...

Good Points Wolfe. However; if this facility is open to all users, then this group has to be included. If it is not, well then there may be a cry of misappropriation sent out.
BTW the presidents name isn't a "Muslim sounding" moniker. It is a Islamic name. I'm pretty sure on that one. I do know it ain't Irish.
slainte & siochain

Wolfe Tone said...

Thanks for the comment, Griff.

I certainly understand the slippery slope we start down when certain groups are denied access to publicly owned facilities... but groups that tacitly or openly advocate sedition or the violent overthrow of the US government should find another place to preach.
There are privately-owned facilities available. Go rent one of them.

Personally, I believe that government-owned buildings should NOT be available to any group with a political or religious agenda... even for causes or politics that I may endorse.

(Incidentally, the "Muslim-sounding name" comment was tongue in cheek.)

Anonymous said...

Let them have their meet and greet. In Michigan every other member was a federal agent. Who knows maybe Ray and Norm are federally subsidized salt licks for wannabe terrorists. This is really kind of humorous but for the weapons etc.

Wolfe Tone said...


You're right about the "...every other member was a federal agent" part.

I happen to know for a fact that the Anchorage Field Office of the FBI has been tipped off about the meet, so I imagine they'll have agents in the crowd.

Sneakers hobbies said...
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