Saturday, September 5, 2009

Minnesota Senator Al Franken Isn't Just Funny, He's Pretty Damned Smart, Too.

Most people paying attention know that US Senator Al Franken (D-MN) started out as a funny guy... a Saturday Night Live alumnus who went on to bigger and better things, winning (eventually) a very, very close election against Norm Coleman.

Yeah, Franken started out as a funny guy, but he's proving that he's anything but a clown.

At the Minnesota State Fair on Wednesday, Franken was literally surrounded by people who wanted to talk about health care reform, with some pretty "anti - socialized health care" types in the mix.

Now, the woman who was the main naysayer in the group wasn't as batshit Crazy™ as many I have seen, but still:

Thanks to Senator Franken's style and demeanor, what could have been a volatile situation became an actual discussion of health care reform issues, wherein Franken was able to talk about facts.

Thanks to his style and demeanor, he was able to initiate and sustain a reasonable dialogue about health care, focusing on what desperately needs to be addressed.

He was able to make the case for how he will vote and why he will vote that way:

By being calm and reasonable, Franken was able to articulate his belief about the ways health care reform legislation will benefit the people of Minnesota and the nation.

Minnesotans should be very happy they elected him.

Now, Minnesota:

Can you PLEASE do something about the completely unhinged Michele Bachmann?

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