Friday, April 10, 2009

Palin Urges Senate Democrats to Fill Vacant Seat... Say What?

Damn, Governor. What part of NO! don't you understand?

The Senate isn't charged with filling the vacant Democratic Senate seat, Sarah.

You are.

The catch is, you have to appoint someone who will be confirmed by those Democratic Senators. How many times I have to explain the freakin' appointment process to you?

The Juneau Democrats have offered not just one, but FOUR names from which to choose.

You, in a fit of being all mavericky (and such as) have ignored that list of acceptable alternatives, and twice now have attempted to shove someone else down their throats.

Twice now, you have been denied.

Your continued heavy-handed attempt to negate what is clearly a legislative authority (the confirmation process) is starting to piss off even the Republicans.

Give it a rest. Pick any one of the four, appoint them, and move on.


CelticDiva said...


I just added you to my blogroll and you are on the top!

Hopefully, that helps your traffic!

Nice blog, by the way!

Wolfe Tone said...

Thanks, Diva.
I'm new at this, so be gentle.

teal said...

BOY! will she ever stop...By any means necessary' seems to be her matra

Not that I'm glad that Alaska is stuck with her [for now], just happy she's not Gov/CA...she wouldn't guys are in my prayers...

I enjoy your writing, found your spot while searching for something else, glad I did.

Wolfe Tone said...

Thanks, Teal. Welcome aboard.

Matt Osborne said...

Oh, goody! Glad I found your link at Bob's place, Tom. I'm keeping a nice collection of Sarah links for her 2012 run.

(And she will run. The domain names are already reserved.)

Wolfe Tone said...

Thanks, Matt. It will be a challenge to keep going at this pace... but I'm certainly not short of material.
This stuff practically writes itself.

SillyGIt said...

Sarah has process issues.

But I don't like this process. Why do I have to pick from their list? Those people are all democrats that I can't push around. I want to put someone in that I can count on to vote the way I want.

Stubborn VCB isn't she?

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