Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Official: The Cheese Has Slipped Off Sarah Palin's Cracker.

Minutes ago(well, maybe hundreds of minutes), AKM at The Mudflats noted that Sarah Palin has now denied that she ever joined with State Republican Party Chair Randy Ruedrich in calling for Senator Mark Begich to resign so that Uncle Ted Stevens could have a mulligan on the last election.


That fact that she did DID say it is something I commented on earlier.

Now her follow-up statement that she didn't want to "split hairs" about whether Begich should resign begins to make a little more sense... if you speak Palinese.

She didn't actually want Begich to resign, doncha know. She just wanted him to "step aside" so we could have a do-over for Ted, you betcha.

The actual status of a "Stepped Aside" U.S. Senator is a concept that's alien to me. Does he still get to vote? Does he still have franking privileges? Do we still call him "Senator?"

So many questions (like whether or not this woman has ever cracked open a set of Alaska Statutes in her life).

I'm thinking, Governor Palin... let's see... using your logic:

If Ted's conviction had been thrown out prior to the election, perhaps Begich would not have won...

... and if Alaskans realized you were both stupid and insane prior to the last Gubernatorial race, perhaps you would not have won!

I like it!

Governor Palin, I am officially calling on you to you "step aside," so that Tony Knowles and Andrew Halcro can have a "do-over."

And also.


Matt Osborne said...

Position flexible! (wink)

SillyGit said...

Someone moved her cheese?

"whether or not this woman has ever cracked open a set of Alaska Statutes in her life"

I doubt she ever has. Also the comprehension problem. And the lack of curiosity also too.

My observation is that her notion of laws is that they are obstacles that one finds a way to circumvent.

I hope you folks get rid of her. The sooner the better. You folks need better government.

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