Friday, April 3, 2009

Sarah Palin Needs a Linguist, and her Sister-In-Law Needs An Attorney

In a follow-up interview with the Anchorage Daily News yesterday, Governor Sarah Palin stated that
...she does not want to "split hairs" on whether Begich should resign or not but agrees with the Republican Party's call for a special election.
Huh. That's a pretty big "hair" to split, Governor.
I'm thinking that maybe you don't know what the idiom actually means.
For your enlightenment, Here's the actual meaning of the term:
SPLIT HAIRS: to argue about very small differences or unimportant details.
Source -Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms, Copyright © Cambridge University Press, 2006.
Sarah, I will explain this in as simple terms as I know how, and will try not to use any big words that may confuse you:

Calling for the resignation of a sitting United States Senator so that Ted Stevens can have a mulligan on the last election is NOT an "unimportant detail."
It's a Big Deal, you betcha!

My suggestion is that you refrain from any more off-the-cuff remarks during the balance of your tenure in office, and engage the services of a professional linguist for any prepared remarks.

If you take that action and adhere to it, you might not sound quite so stupid, and such as.


This has just Not Been A Good Week for Governor Palin.
Yeah, I know it's not Sarah's fault, but it could sure be her problem... now it seems that First Dude Todd Palin's sister has been busted for burglary.
This is one strange family.


the problem child said...

I'm enjoying your posts to date -- thanks for joining the conversation. I'm going to link to this latest at Mudflats, if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Todd's half sister is not Palin's fault--but the list of things of actual concern to Alaskans that are Palin's fault is pretty long.

Wolfe Tone said...

Problem Child - Feel free. I wouldn't mind having a few readers. I've been lonely.

Anonymous said...

I am here thanks to problem child and mudflats. I like what I see....and will surely be back. My name is Laurie...nice to meet you

Wolfe Tone said...

Thanks, Laurie. Pleased to have you aboard.

Anonymous said...

Jumped from Mudflats thanks to the problem child also.
Like this posting and I'm going to read some of your previous ones.

MonaLisa said...

You probably needn't bother defining idioms for your fine Governor. (Well, not in print....)

Oo! You have an archive!

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