Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This Just In (well, not really) - Tim Grussendorf Given A Thumbs Down By Senate Democrats

Alaska's Democratic Senators have rejected the nomination of "Republican Reborn As A Democrat" Tim Grussendorf, Gov. Palin's choice to replace ex-Senator Kim Elton.

This doesn't really come as a huge surprise.

Though "can't we all just get along" is a noble sentiment, sometimes political gamesmanship is required.

My suggestion for the Juneau Democratic Party is that they now resubmit a list of names to the Governor.
Put Beth Kerttula at the top of that list.
Offer two other Juneau Democrats whose Left leanings make Beth look like a conservative. I can come up with a few names for them if they can't think of any.
Include a hand-written note, "The ball's back in your court, Governor."

Game On.

Update: They didn't take my suggestion, but according to the Fairbanks Newsminer, today the Juneau Democrats have offered up a list of names for Governor Palin's consideration as Kim Elton's replacement.

In addition to Beth Kerttula, the nominees are (drumroll... the envelope please) Sally Smith, Mike Miller, and Jeff Bush.
How about that!
I know all of these people, and I can say without qualification that Sarah now has four very qualified persons from which to choose (and because they are qualified, I'll bet she doesn't like any of 'em)!
Details as they happen.

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