Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jon Stewart on Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Michelle Bachmann

Well, once again, it takes a late-night cable comedy show host to throw a cold bucket of reality on the fire that the right-wing crazies are trying their best to ignite:

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It's a pity that Jon Stewart (and Stephen Colbert) have had to assume the mantle of journalistic responsibility... they're comedians, for cryin' out loud!

Glenn Beck's babble has been directly linked to Pittsburgh crazy Richard Poplawski recent shooting of cops.

During the eight years of G.W. Bush, I don't recall any "left wing media" types encouraging violence and armed insurrection.

Why aren't TV journalists and pundits (with a few notable exceptions) putting the lie to this insane, irresponsible rhetoric by Beck and others? No matter your political stripe, this borders on sedition.

Apparently, there just aren't just that many actual journalists left... and comics have to pick up the slack.


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