Friday, April 10, 2009

Governor Sarah Palin: Strike Two (or is it three?)

Well, it looks like the Alaska State Senate Democrats have again rejected Sarah Palin's pick to replace Juneau Senator Kim Elton.
I'm happy to see the Democrats sticking to their guns.

So, at the risk of being monotonous, I'll repeat myself:

Governor Sarah:

In an earlier post, I explained how the law works on this subject.

Perhaps now, you'll heed my unsolicited advice on how to deal with it.

Additionally, Governor, you said you wondered if (besides Beth Kerttula) "the other three (Jeff Bush, Sally Smith and Mike Miller) are interested in the job."

Hey - I have a novel idea for you: Pick up the phone and call them.

I'm sure your questions will be answered.


teal said...

...keep explaining, maybe one day she'll listen...perhaps after her 2012 'failed' POTUS run...

Wolfe Tone said...

She may hear, but will never listen.
Sarah appears to be incapable of that trait.
It might be genetics, I'm not sure.

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