Saturday, April 25, 2009

Perhaps Todd and Sarah Can Move to Texas?

During the Great Teabag Rebellion (yawn...) last week, Texas Governor Rick Perry made noises about Texas seceding from the United States, because they're tired of that durned Federal Gummint pushing Texas around!

Nevermind the fact that a bloody war was fought some 140 years that pretty much settled the whole secession question.

Sound familiar?

What I'm about to cover was covered during the last presidential election, but bear with me... I like to ramble.

Until 2002, First Dude Todd was a member of the Alaska Independence Party (AIP), whose mission was/is
exactly what the name implies.

Independence for Alaska. As in not part of the United States anymore. If they can't succeed with that, they have a whole laundry list of other things they want the Federal Gummint to stop messing with Alaska about.

Now Sarah never was an actual member of the party as hubby Todd was. She did speak at their 2006 convention as a gubernatorial candidate. That's understandable.

Pandering to the wackjob vote is something every politician in Alaska must do. It's impossible to get elected otherwise, since wackjobs comprise the largest minority in Alaska.

In 2008 (prior to being picked as the VP candidate for John McCain's ill-fated campaign - the "ill-fated" part mostly due to
her candidacy) Governor Sarah Palin recorded a short video, welcoming AIP members to their little coffee klatch of separatists, telling them, “Good luck on a successful and inspiring convention. Keep up the good work, and God bless you.” (emphasis mine)

Sounds like she might think the AIP's mission isn't such a bad idea.

So now that Rick Perry has been thumping the secession drum... here's an idea:

When it comes time for Sarah to flee the state, perhaps she and Todd and their brood can emigrate. To the New Nation of Texas!

I could live with that.

Side note to Governor Perry: Lots of us are with you on this one, pardner!

h/t to Andy Cobb


Matt Osborne said...

Suppose Alaska left the United States. Exactly how would that improve life in Alaska? I'm still unclear about this part of the AIP agenda...

Wolfe Tone said...

I'm a little confused by that, too, especially since Alaska gets back damned near $2 in Federal spending for every tax dollar paid to the Feds.

I guess we will all rejoice because we won't have that dadburned Federal Gummint bossin' us around anymore!

Maeve said...

The Palins move to Texas? We should be so lucky!

From what I gleaned about the AIP while living in Fairbanks(many moons ago), the benefit to Alaska would be 'control of our destiny.' We'd stop paying income tax. We'd sell our oil to the highest bidder and make more profit, we'd extract resources with no federal restrictions(i.e., environmental restrictions), we'd chase away all the foreign fishermen, or make them pay higher prices for our fish.

There is/was also a wing of the AIP which seemed to resent having to pay for the children they sired (child support). Because, you know, that *&^%# I was married to is spending all my money on herself! And those fellas would no longer be pursued by CSED and they wouldn't have to work under the table any more and they could once again file for their PFD... and stop worrying about the IRS catching up to them.

Of course, all of that may have changed over the years since I've had contact with the AIP - they have a web page now, but to me they seem no saner than they were in the 1970's.

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