Sunday, April 26, 2009

Texas Governor Rick Perry - No Cognitive Dissonance Here!

Holy Carp.

I hate to keep singling out Texas Governor Rick Perry for demonstrating Classic Stupid™, but much like Alaska's Governor, he just can't seem to stop.

About 12 days ago, Governor Perry made loud noises about Texas seceding from the union.

"United States? We doan' need no steenking United States!"

Now, his week, Perry is now calling on the federal government to come to his state's aid because of the swine flu outbreak.

Now, I'm not suggesting the federal government should ignore him or anything like that. The current swine flu problem could wind up being a pandemic, and Texas borders what appears to be the source. Stopping the spread of this disease and saving people's lives is priority one.

Even for that pesky Fed'ral Gummint.

But Governor Perry has again demonstrated that he is perfectly capable of putting on whatever political hat that meets his purpose at the moment. No cognitive dissonance here.

Perry is a political chameleon, with no philosophical substance whatsoever.

In other words, he's a typical modern-day Republican. Just like someone else we all know.

The position flexible, and such as, you betcha!


h/t to Huffington Post

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Anonymous said...

He's even denying that he ever talked about secession. There are at least four videos on YouTube were he clearly states that Texas could secede from the U.S. and now he claims he was misunderstood and such as. Also too.

Maybe he is paranoid since the Republicans in congress blocked the flu pandemic preparedness program funding in the ARRA. That was one of the programs Sen. Collins insisted was a waste of money and must go away or she would not support the ARRA. It went away and now we have a potential flu pandemic. Republicans hate Americans.

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