Sunday, April 26, 2009

Every Thinking Person Knows It, But It Bears Repeating: Rush Limbaugh Is An Asshat.

Apparently, Mr. Oxycontin Tub-O-Guts Babblesnort has been mouthing off about Somali Pirates... just making stuff up as usual.

On Fox News Special Report on April 13, Mort Kondracke said that Obama did the right thing with regard to the pirates, and that he was in church with the president on Sunday, who looked "preoccupied."

On April 14, Limbaugh stated that the reason Obama looked "preoccupied" because he "was worried about the order he had given to wipe out three teenagers on the high seas," Limbaugh said. "Black Muslim teenagers."

What an asshat.

Guess what? I'm not the only person to think that. Captain Shane Murphy, second in command on the Maersk Alabama, feels the same way.

"It feels great to be home," said Murphy in an interview with WCBV in Boston. "It feels like everyone around here has my back, with the exception of Rush Limbaugh, who is trying to make this into a race issue...that's disgusting."

Murphy went on to say, "You gotta get with us or against us here, Rush," Murphy said. "The president did the right thing...It's a war.... It's about good versus evil. And what you said is evil. It's hate speech. I won't tolerate it."
Bravo, Capt. Murphy!

h/t to Huffington Post and Media Matters


Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh is unamerican. Only an unpatriotic low-life would hope that our President fails.

Maeve said...

It strikes me that if the kinds of comments being made by Limbaugh and Cheney were being made by democrats during a republican administration, there would be enough hue and cry that radio shows would be cancelled and a former vp would be castigated and scorned.

I know why the republicans act as they do. What I don't understand is we democrats tolerating this level of bull...we are way too nice for our own good...

veralynn said...

Mr. Oxycontin Tub-O-Guts Babblesnort? That is forever his name to me now. I cannot even tell you how hard I am laughing at that. Thanks wolfe!!

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