Monday, April 20, 2009

BEWARE: The Legislative Session is Over, Sarah May Now Get "Mavericky" and such as. Also. (Reposted)

Back in February of this year, then-Senator Kim Elton of Juneau (remember that guy?) noted in his newsletter-
"Rumor du jour is that former Senator Dave Donley is being considered for the vacant attorney general slot. The other half of the rumor is that an appointment won't be made until after the legislature adjourns so a confirmation vote can't be taken this session." (emphasis mine)
Well, we know what actually happened.

Sarah picked Wayne Anthony Ross (W.A.R.), and Ross went down in flames.

Now, that same rumor is floating out there again, and it's a script that Sarah Palin may well follow.

If she does, you can bet that Davey boy will be warming the AG's office chair before the State's Webmaster can add his name to the State website. Before the ink is dry on his "Acting AG" stationery.

Dave Donley would be as equally a bad choice as W.A.R. was, for some of the same reasons, and some brand NEW reasons.

Side note to Sarah: What in hell is wrong with picking the best and brightest, instead of cronies or sycophants?

Try it.

If you do, and then heed their advice, you may not look so stupid.


RunninL8 said...

When she was running for gov, that broad looked me in the eyes(at a fundraiser that the Hubby and I crashed) and told me how things would be different with her. No more cronyism, no more good old boy crap...I ALMOST went for it-being so sick of all that shite and such, also.

Dave Donley, huh? Here we go again?

Maeve said...

I was surprised that she nominated WAR when she did. There was no reason to rush. She could have waited until now and he'd have been in office at least until the new session in January; supposing that she really did want him to be AG. I tend not to credit her with lots of political savvy - but this time I'm really wondering...I read a rumor that she'll put Parnell up for the job (no, not Charles Stewart Parnell, Sean Parnell) and then Joe Schmidt would be Lt. Gov. - I don't know what that would accomplish politically, but there are plenty worse than Parnell.

Wolfe Tone said...

Kim Elton noted the Donley rumor back in February... but I recently heard it resurrected, from a friend I consider to be a very reliable source.

Maeve said...

Jeeze, I really hope you are wrong. He's a law school grad who's never practiced law; he'd be running what is, in essence, the biggest law firm in the state...Oy vey!

Wolfe Tone said...

I hope I'm wrong, too.
On top of everything else, Dave Donley is a first-class jerk.

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