Monday, April 20, 2009

DOOF QUOTE OF THE WEEK (with apologies to Bob Cesca)

"It became more and more obvious that the Senate Democrats were looking for someone that was going to be acceptable by the local Democrat(sic) party."

Governor Sarah Palin, on the appointment to fill Juneau Democratic Senator Kim Elton's vacated seat.
Gosh, Sarah.
Most Alaskans thought
that was pretty obvious from the get-go.

Remember? If not, here's a brief recap:

The Juneau Democratic Party suggested Beth Kerttula, House Minority Leader.
You said "No," and instead appointed
Tim "Hey, everybody! I'm a Democrat now!" Grussendorf.

Senate Democrats said "No," and the Juneau Democratic Party suggested three more names to choose from, - Jeff Bush, Mike Miller and Sally Smith.
You said "No," and appointed
Joe "Who's this guy?" Nelson.

The Senate Democrats said "No," and as a compromise, a bipartisan legislative group suggested Dennis Egan for the seat. The Juneau Democratic Party concurred with that idea.

You said "No," and sent them back a list of three names to choose from, the first two guys that had already been rejected, plus a new contender:
Al "I Just Became A Democrat Naughty Red Monkey" Wilson. But... you wanted them to consider the list in that order - with the two rejected guys first in line.

The Senate Democrats said "No, we're pretty sure that it's illegal for
us to pick from a list."
You said "Fine! I'll just re-appoint Grussendorf, then!"

The Senate Democrats said, "What part of 'NO!' don't you get?

Then, at literally the eleventh hour, pouting, you appointed Dennis Egan. In doing so,
you noted your epiphany about appointing someone that the Juneau Democratic Party would accept.

You really
aren't all that bright, are you, Governor?


Anonymous said...

'Bag of hammers' or 'box of rocks.' I can't decide.

RunninL8 said...

My eyes ache from all the rolling...

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