Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Sir Charles" Barkely Tells it Like It Is!

Since I was busy doing Very Important Stuff ™ last Friday, I missed this until today - former NBA star Charles Barkley on the Tonight Show doing a Barkely smack-down on those unpatriotic Shouting Chowderheads® on television and radio who are hoping for failure by our President :

Here's a direct quote from Sir Charles:
"I mean, you look at this country now, we've got all these foreclosures, we've got all these people laid off. We should be behind him 110 percent, hoping he's successful," Barkley said. "And I just thought it was unpatriotic and basically B.S. for Rush Limbaugh and that idiot Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck and all those idiots to not root for this guy."
That's one thing I've always liked about Charles Barkely. He has never been afraid to voice his opinion.

Huzzah, Charles!

h/t to Huffington Post

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