Sunday, April 19, 2009

McCain Vetter: Palin Would Have Been Great VP! Whaaaa?????

Republicans seem more and more insane these days. Even in retrospect.

At a Friday event at the National Press Club, Washington power lawyer A.B. Culvahouse (the man tasked with vetting Sarah Palin as a vice president candidate) insisted that she was a great pick, and that she "would have been ready on January 20."

Seriously, he really said that. You can read it here.

He went on to say that Caribou Barbie "has lots of presence. She filled up a room. Me and two of my most cynical partners interviewed her and we came away impressed."

Okay, this leaves me with some questions:

How in the hell did this chowderhead ever have an"expansive career" in Republican politics?

Were Culvahouse and his "two most cynical (
chowderhead) partners" actually listening to Sarah Palin's answers to their questions, or were they simply distracted, wondering if they could get into her pants?

A casual observer can determine that Sarah Palin isn't even a competent Governor. How could this chowderhead still maintain she was a marvelous VP candidate?

Well, he wants to keep working for future Republican candidates, I guess. Admitting a mistake is a concept just not in the Republican mindset these days.

Frankly, based on the stunning judgement
that Culvahouse demonstrated as an integral part of McCain's campaign, I hope he continues to be a Power Decision Maker™ for top Republicans in 2010 and 2012.

h/t to the Huffington Post

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SillyGit said...

Chowderhead is an underutilized word. I applaud your usage of it here since it is the perfect word for these clowns.

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