Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Sure it's Not "New" News, But...

It looks as though that some members of the Alaska Legislature are willing to act in what might be considered a true bipartisan fashion.

Remember the drama that's been unfolding around the appointment to fill Democratic Senator Kim Elton's vacated Juneau Senate seat?

Apparently, Juneau Representative Beth Kerttula, who had been the Juneau Democratic Party's choice to replace Elton, and Representative John Harris, (former House Speaker and still bigwig Republican) of Valdez have suggested a compromise to solve Governor Palin's dilemma.

Beth and John are suggesting Dennis Egan.

Mr. Egan is the son of Alaska's first Governor, Bill Egan (who was a Democrat back when even the concept "DINO's" was unheard of).

Currently a Juneau radio personality, Dennis is a former Juneau Assembly member, and also the former Mayor of Juneau.

Even though Dennis was born a Democrat, since there seems to be some bipartisan consensus, he just might be someone Governor Palin can live with.

Of course, when asked for her thoughts on the subject, Sarah said... nothing. She had "no immediate comment."

Well of course not. She's busy packing for her trip to Indiana in the last 72 hours of the Legislative Session.

She has to speechify to an anti-choice group... her base for her planned 2012 Presidential bid.

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SillyGIt said...

The Palinator. Makes a great action figure. As a Governor she is teh suxor.

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