Wednesday, April 15, 2009

W.A.R. Signs Off on Sarah's Newest Craziness

Apparently, Sarah is perfectly comfortable with ignoring the law when it comes to appointing a replacement for Juneau Democratic Senator Kim Elton's seat.


Because Wayne Anthony Ross (W.A.R.), her Attorney General pick (who is up for a confirmation vote of the Legislature tomorrow), has told her so.

Now - if W.A.R. were one of the "brightest and best, " there might be some valid argument to her actions.

But he's not. Frankly, W.A.R. makes Clarence Thomas look like Clarence Darrow.

Sarah Palin seems to have a problem grasping the concept that the Legislature is a separate and equal branch of Government. They aren't there just to do her bidding.

Residents of Juneau - please let the Governor know you've had enough. You want a Senator representing you.


Members of the Alaska Legislature - please let the Governor know that she must follow the law. While you're at it, let her know that you want a qualified attorney heading up the Alaska Department of Law... not someone who fabricates legal opinions to correspond with the Governor's whims.

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