Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Call to Action Against W.A.R.

It is time for Alaskans to again raise their voices loudly and clearly against the actions of our Governor.

Twice in recent days, I've written about my objection to the confirmation of Wayne Anthony Ross (or W.A.R., as he likes to be called) as Attorney General for the State of Alaska.
Aside from his arrogance and divisive nature, and aside from his past statements indicating his misogynistic, homophobic and racist tendencies, my main objection is this: The man is simply not qualified.

In previous posts, I pointed out that no matter how "flamboyant" or what a "character" he may be, W.A.R's legal acumen and abilities as a lawyer are mediocre at best.
Yeah, I realize "second-rate" is sort of a trademark of the Palin administration, but it is time for Alaskans to say enough!

Contact your Senators and your Representatives (except for you people in Juneau, you have no Senator at the moment).

Let them know that you are tired of ineptitude and mediocrity being the standard for governance in Alaska. The person heading our state's Department of Law should be one of the best legal minds in Alaska. Tell them to demand better than what is being shoved off on us.
Here's how to reach them:

Your Senators can be reached here, and your Representatives here.

If you click on their name, it will take you to their page, where there's a button to send them an email.

Now some of these legislators are on the right side of this, so with them, you'll be preaching to the choir. It's okay to write them anyway, because emails they receive may well help them to change other lawmaker's minds.

Be polite, but firm. Tell them that you are serious about this, and that you will be watching.

Remind them you have a good memory... and that you vote.


Matt Osborne said...

How vulnerable is Sarah Palin, really?

When does she have to run again, 2010?

Any chance that the right candidate can nip this culture warrior in the bud before 2012?

Wolfe Tone said...

She does have to run again in 2010, Matt.

There are several Dems out there who have announced they're running, not sure all of them have the name recognition and/or bucks... yet.

At this point, I haven't decided who, if any of them, I'm leaning towards.

At the rate Sarah's going, she may make herself ripe for the picking come next general election.

SillyGit said...

I hope she can be defeated in 2010. Alaska needs a better Governor. I'm interested to see who steps forward.

I agree that WAR is not qualified to be AG. The rest is just more reason not to confirm him but unimportant since he is just not qualified.

Matt Osborne said...

Wolfe, it strikes me that WAR is a lot like Alabama's Roy Moore: an eminently unqualified culture warrior whose popularity is mostly artificial. Which also describes Palin.

What's the word on the street? Is she losing popularity because of this? Has she finally jumped the shark with Alaskans?

Wolfe Tone said...

I think that day of "jumped shark" may be approaching, Matt.
Meanwhile, there's a rumor floating that Palin is contemplating withdrawing W.A.R.'s name.
Phil Munger at Progressive Alaska has the most up-to-date scoop.
Fingers crossed here.

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