Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sarah Palin Ordering "Senator Ala Carte"

In a letter today to the Alaska State Senate, Governor Sarah Palin explained that the list of appointees to fill Juneau Democrat Kim Elton's vacant seat yesterday are in her order of preference:

1. Tim "Hey Look, I'm a Democrat Now" Grussendorf
2. Joe "You've Never Heard of Me But I'm Highly Qualified" Nelson, and
3. Al "Naughty Red Monkey" Wilson.

How "mavericky" of her.

Somehow, she's glossed over the fact that numbers one and two were
already rejected by the Democratic Senators.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Hollis French had already dismissed the idea of considering all three, and I guess Sarah thinks her "explanation" clears that up.

Senator French: I believe that in effect, since Sarah explained it's her "order of preference," it's not really a "list."

already rejected the other two.

The only name she actually submitted is Al "Naughty Red Monkey" Wilson.

Phil Munger at Progressive Alaska already posted Legislative Affairs Attorney Pam Finley opinion, so check with her first.

In light of the "explanation," if Pam Finley agrees with that interpretation, then
go ahead and deal with it.

Slap a big red "Rejected" stamp on Al's name, and send it back to her.

Oh - and while you're at it, W.A.R requires the same treatment.

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