Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Governor Palin - Still Crazy After All These...Weeks? Months? Years?

Sarah's at it again.

Remember Kim Elton, the Democratic Juneau Senator who went to work for the Obama administration in the Department of Interior?

Remember the Juneau Democrats first offered as a replacement only Representative Beth Kerttula, and the Governor decided to appoint Tim Grussendorf instead?

Remember the Senate Democrats rejected Grussendorf, and then the Juneau Democratic Party offered three more (bringing the total to four) people for Sarah to choose from?

Remember Sarah appointed Joe Nelson instead of any of the four?

Remember the Senate Democrats then rejected Nelson, and in a deal brokered by Juneau Mayor Bruce Bothelo, Beth Kerttula and John Harris endorsed a compromise candidate for the seat, former Juneau Mayor Dennis Egan? Nobody doesn't like Dennis Egan!

Remember all that? Well, guess what?

Sarah is now proposing her OWN list to the Senate!

Yep. According to the Associate Press, her cover letter says Palin is trying to expedite the process of replacing Kim Elton.

Said, apparently, without a trace of irony or cognitive dissonance.

Ignoring the fact that she has no statutory authority to shove an appointee down the throats of the residents of Juneau, Palin is telling the Democratic Senators to pick someone from HER list. Guess who's on that list?

Why, her two appointees whom have already been rejected, and a third, Mr. Al Wilson, who is apparently a Juneau businessman. Who registered as a Democrat on March 4.

In spite of widespread support for Egan, her proposal ignores his entire existence.

Senate Democrats Juneau Voters - tell the Governor ENOUGH!

Send someone to the third floor of the Capitol to explain it to her (when she gets back in town).


teal said...

...went to the 3rd floor...no one is at home...

Anonymous said...


She really thinks that she can make up new law as she goes along doesn't she?

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