Saturday, June 20, 2009

Let's Help Celtic Diva Get To the Truth. UPDATED: UPDATED

A few months back, Linda Kellen Biegel, known to many as Celtic Diva, sent an Open Records request to the state, asking for copies of some emails.

Specifically, emails between officials of the Palin administration and (Sarah Palin devotee and right-wing wack job radio personality) Eddie Burke , and (the ADN's Alaska Ear) Sheila Toomey .

Also specifically, any emails in which Andrée McLeod, independent government watchdog, was the subject.

It was not an unreasonable request, in light of the official press release on the state website in which Palin's Chief of Staff Mike Nizich calls for "a backlash from Alaskans" against those who dare file an ethics complaint against Caribou Barbie.

The Governor's Office response?

"You want some emails? Sure thing," said the Palindrones on Barbie's staff. That'll be $65,706 up front, please. What? No, it's not a joke! Cough up the money, and we'll see what we can do."


Since that initial "estimate," Ms. Kellen Biegel has modified her request. She has asked for and received an official accounting of what will be required, and the costs incurred, in getting the modified request fulfilled.

The new price tag? $5,552.

This is still exorbitant.

In my opinion, it's simply a handy way for the Palinators™ to discourage anyone from actually demanding the "governmental transparency" that Governor Sarahcakes promised Alaskans.

However, it's doable, if we all help.

Go to Celtic Diva's site, hit the "PayPal" button, and chip in whatever you can afford to give.

When I checked this afternoon, she was about 1/4th of the way there.

Trust me. It will make you feel good to strike a blow for more open and honest government.


As of last night, Celtic Diva was at $ 2,478
and counting! Keep up the good work!
As of today,
Diva is less than $1000 away from paying the Palin's email ransom!

Go throw a few bucks her way if you can!

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