Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Still In A State of Disbelief: Palin Appoints an A.G. Who Actually Appears To Be Qualified!

At a joint Kenai - Soldotna Chamber of Commerce Luncheon today, Governor Sarah Palin signed a bill by Rep Mike Chenault (R-Kenai) into law that will "outlaw unwanted telephone solicitations to cellular phones." Yawn.

Teh Big News™ was that she appointed a new Attorney General for Alaska.

The even bigger news is that he actually appears to be qualified!

Daniel S. Sullivan's (no, not that Dan Sullivan) bio is sort of impressive, especially compared to that of Wayne Anthony Ross (W.A.R.).

The guy graduated cum laude from Georgetown, and has actually clerked for real judges on the US Court of Appeals and on the Alaska Supreme Court.

We'll learn more about him in the months to come. I have no knowledge of his political or social views, but it may be that Sarah actually connected with the ball this time, instead of the usual swing and miss.

Wonders never cease.


Maeve said...

You can kind of guess at his political views by the timing of his various appointments - all during the Bush II administration. His social views remain to be seen.

He has married into a political dynasty in Alaska, his wife Julie is the daughter of Bud and MaryJane Fate; both of whom were in the legislature (if I recall correctly).

I have a feeling that some of the party stalwarts in DC had a little confab with Ms. Palin and told her to cut out appointing her high school friends to political offices...perhaps, just this once she listened to advice.

I know some folks who clerked with him up here and they say he's a good guy. He certainly is well educated and active! How does one fit all of that into 25 years?

Wolfe Tone said...


Keep in mind my comments weren't an endorsement. I'm just expressing my surprise.

And yeah... based on his Bush ties, I have an inkling about his political and social views.

His relatively young age does seem a bit... odd, when compared against his vast experience.

However, he cannot be as homophobic, racist, or misogynistic as her last pick... and unlike WAR, Sullivan appears to actually have some legal chops.

I'm guessing he'll be confirmed without much hassle.

Maeve said...

Didn't think you were endorsing. I was also surprised by his resume. (We were expecting the worst - Wev Shea or someone equally bad) Just following the lines back to their logical conclusion. It seems to me that he hasn't stayed in one place for very long, and it must have been a disappointment when the republicans were turned out of office in DC. But according to what I hear, his wife wanted to come home and the time was right. He's probably a stand up guy, considering how much less money he'll make as AG compared to say, going back to work for Perkins Coie(sp?) We are waiting to see how it goes...

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