Wednesday, June 17, 2009

David Letterman's Top Ten Things Overheard At The BIG "Fire Letterman" Rally

Yesterday, after much media hype, there was a "Fire David Letterman" rally held across the street from the Ed Sullivan Studio, home of the Late Show.

New York is a city with about 8.3 million residents.

According to CNN, about 15 people showed up to protest.
Not too impressive.
Looks like there's no real groundswell of support for terminating Dave.

To their credit, the few protesters there did manage to say some pretty stupid things (some way off-topic), and some pretty vile things about Letterman:

However, Letterman's response proves Dave's saying that "There is no off position on the genius switch."

Never a shortage of Teh Stupid™ to play off, is there?


Matt Osborne said...


Palin has made an enemy out of a man who helped take down John McCain. BIG mistake.

What the heck is that widget at the bottom and where did you get it??!

Anonymous said...

wow, these people are nuts.

Anonymous said...

The people at that rally should be registered on a list showing where they live so people dont end up moving in next door to them unwarned. Can you imagine any of them as your neighbors?

Wolfe Tone said...

Anon @ 9:11 am-
I do have neighbors exactly like that.

The other night I listened to a broadcast of a local Borough Assembly meeting, and some of the public testimony sounded very much like that.

The address they gave when they testified told me they live a few blocks down on my street!


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