Saturday, July 4, 2009

Even Fellow Republican, Senator Lisa Murkowski Is Saying "WTF?" About Sarah Palin

In an uncharacteristically harshly worded press release Friday, Lisa Murkowski, the senior Senator from Alaska, had this to say about Sarah Palin's announcement that she just isn't that into being Alaska's anymore:
“I am deeply disappointed that the Governor has decided to abandon the State and her constituents before her term has concluded.”
A word to Sarah: If you have some sort of legal scandal brewing, don't expect any favors from Lisa... and if it's her Senate seat you're eying, she'll happily mop the floor with you. Trust me on this.

Oh, by the way, Sarah: Lisa can handle a gun, too.


Matt Osborne said...

Oh, I think Sarah sees a shinier brass ring out there. And probably thinks she can reach it...

veralynn said...

She does have her own reality. Sometimes I think I would like to visit their reality, but most of the time I am glad I don't.

Anonymous said...

Let's get straight to the root of your liberalism (i.e. neurosis). Tell us about your relatioship with your mother.

Wolfe Tone said...


My first real-live Troll™ issuing the patented Troll Ad Hominem© attack!

That's so special!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo. Less than one hour for a cry of "ad hominem attack"... Pot of coal calling the kettle black. "Just another...", understatement extraordinaire. May you find peace my fellow Alaskan.

Wolfe Tone said...

Well, first:

What did your comment have to do with my post about Lisa Murkowski slapping Sarah Palin?


Instead, you likened my "liberism" to a neurosis, and insinuated that I had "mother" issues.

That, my friend, is what is called an ad hominem attack. It's a common Troll technique.

Second: What, exactly, is wrong with calling myself "just another Alaskan."
It's what I am.

You, however, aren't.
How are things in Oakland?

kodiakgriff said...

Post; riposte,that was fun to watch!
Oakland huh?

Anonymous said...

If I may, an apology and mia culpa is in order. My original post was intended for another blogger, which is hardly an excuse for having posted it. I take a hit on my acknowledgment of and dedication to the need for better dialogue. Lennon (John) said, "life is what happens while you're busy making other plans", and I may slip into undesired territory occasionally as I refocus back towards my own personal path and lift the silence succumbed to.

As for ad hominem attack, you are precisely correct that it was such, and purposefully so to make the point of ad hominem attacks, like use of "tool", "moron", "slapping" and other words or phrases brandied about so freely today. Free speech comes with responsibility, and I missed the mark badly on this one. With due respect my initial post was a reaction to the mounting sickness of the politics of personal destruction, and admittedly I failed at dialogue of any constructive nature (let alone posting to the correct page... "I are a math major").

Most importantly about being an Alaskan. What's the saying, "some people get off the plane and are Alaskans, some stay their entire lives and never are". I can assure you unequivically that but for the first two weeks of my life I have been and remain an Alaskan. Also I did not mean to use the term "friend" in a demeaning way, as anyone with even far less tenure has clearly earned a certain respect. With over 50 years I'd argue you hardly "just another".

In looking around I did find some items of interest. I'm surprised Ben Grussendorf had a son with an "(R)" next to his name. I remember him as the Speaker of the House in 1987, always loved the mustache, and pipe as I recall. That was quite a legislative session. I recall a celebratory party after adjournment including a few legislators dancing on the desks, only to be called back into session, the next day I think, by Sheffield. A true legislative hangover. Also saw reference to remembering Red Boucher, sorry to see that loss. There is a great Alaskan and American. Watching him speak on the floor of the House, agree or disagree you knew he loved Alaska. Also saw that Vic Fischer is still active. I preferred the politics of Paul Fischer (see he is still active too), but good to see Vic still participating.

As two non-Cheechakos (quite appropriately spell check suggests "Chicago"), policy disagreements aside I don't doubt that we share a common interest in the future of the Last Frontier, and look forward to thoughtful, meaningful dialogue towards the future of Alaska. While on temporary, leave, and amidst the current California atmosphere, I can't help but wonder that it shoud be forewarning. Is this progress what we desired for Alaska?

Wolfe Tone said...

If you were there in 1987, the odds are good we know each other.

Frank said...

'87 amidst many years of session presence at least. That wouldn't be the greater of surprises that we do know each other. I can be reached at e-mail frank.love490@gmail.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

i call lisa the "under the table elitist"..doing her fathers bidding, a mortal some vinues. surly frank the crank has been controlling this lisa nilapharas..they are used items..lisa is skinny from the gop pressure! her dad is most-likley screaming to her..her orders! (sic) she is such an ivy leager just a dull minded senator..maid money to read a lobyist' demands on epa!!

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