Monday, September 20, 2010

"Dunce Cap of the Week" Award Winner: NEA-Alaska! Representing Educators? I Must Have Missed Something.

NEA-Alaska proudly proclaims they are "More than 13,000 teachers and education support professionals are working to create a bright future for Alaska’s children… and all Alaskans."

NEA-Alaska cheered when Congress passed H.R.1586 - the "Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act," a measure that will send some $23.5 million to Alaska to help support education jobs.

Then, on Friday, NEA-Alaska, in the persona of NEA-Alaska President Barb Angaiak, gushingly endorsed Senator Princess Lisa Murkowski in her desperate bid to retain her inheritance.


The same  Senator Princess Lisa Murkowski who voted AGAINST H.R. 1586?  She voted AGAINST you, and you're now endorsing her? Are you people NUTS?

Dear NEA-Alaska members:

Your President's actions will help split the sane vote, furthering the cause of Tea/Carpet Bagger Joe Miller, who wants to ELIMINATE the Department of Education.

The Democrat in this race, Scott McAdams, has a track record of supporting education:
He's been President of the Sitka School Board, Vice-Chair of the Mt. Edgecumbe School Board, and President of the Association of Alaska School Boards.

Plus, he's a Democrat.  You know, Democrats usually have pro-union stances (and Scott does)?

Is NEA an acronym for "Not Exactly Astute?"

Perhaps Ms. Angaiak will attend the "Teachers for McAdams" event this afternoon at McAdams' headquarters, and explain to Scott, and to her membership present, just why she doesn't have their best interests at heart...  and if you think she will, I have some beach front property in Omaha to sell you.

NEA-Alaska members should consider getting some new leadership.

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