Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coming Soon To An Election Near You: The Princess, The Carpetbagger, and the Small-Town Alaskan Mayor

After a lengthy, self-imposed hiatus, I’m back.

Recent political events have spurred me to once again wade in and offer my comments, on the outside chance that in some small measure, it may sway rational individuals out there to give the upcoming Alaska US Senatorial election some serious thought (yeah, I know I’m kidding myself, but I have to give it a shot) 

THE PRINCESS:  Not willing to accept the fact that the inheritance her father granted had been unceremoniously stripped from her,  Senator Princess Lisa Murkowski has rejoined the fray, running a write-in campaign in a last-ditch effort to retain her seat in the US Senate.

Of course, the opponent Lisa has her sights set on is the guy who handed her her stinging loss:  

THE CARPETBAGGER:  Sarah Palin-endorsed Joe Miller, the Tea Party Express (the astroturf organization financed by corporate giants the Koch brothers) candidate.

Joe Miller is a walking contradiction.  He decries ALL forms of government spending "not mandated by the constitution" yet has no problem availing himself of that spending.  Despite his "elitist" law degree from Yale, it becomes obvious that he really has little knowledge of Alaska history, or of US History and the Constitution. When pinned down, Miller has no answers other than the "mad as hell, scream and yell!" Tea Party Express talking points.Of course, yelling and screaming about "Taking Our Country Back" and "Everything Is Unconstitutional" plays well to the Tea Party base.  

The problem is, Joe Miller isn't really a Tea Party believer. He's a fraud.  He's  a hypocrite.  He's one who takes advantage of government largess and then tries to make a career of denouncing that opportunity for others (only AFTER he's "got his," mind you).

He's the perfect example of a political chameleon, willing to don whatever colors necessary to win.  A Carpetbagger from Kansas.

Which brings us to the third major player in all this:

The Small Town Mayor: Scott McAdams is currently the Mayor of the City and Borough of Sitka.  He grew up in Petersburg, Alaska.  He's not as "inexperienced" as his opponents portray him to be.
He's been Chairman of the Southeast Alaska Conference of Mayors and a member of the Alaska Municipal League Board of Directors.  Prior to being elected Mayor, he served as President of the Sitka School Board, Vice-Chair of the Mt. Edgecumbe School Board, and President of the Association of Alaska School Boards.

Unlike the Princess who wants to keep her crown, and unlike the intellectually dishonest Carpetbagger who desperately wants to BE somebody, McAdams is the real deal.

When there was no personal gain for him, he's given time freely to his and other Alaskan communities.
When it looked like any relatively unknown Democrat would just be another Sacrificial Lamb to be slaughtered on the Murkowski Altar, McAdams was willing to step up because he believed he had something to offer: An ego in check, a grasp of reality, and a willingness to work hard.

Does this sound like an endorsement of McAdams?  Well, it should, because it is.  I've met him, spoken with him one-on-one in a non-public arena, and believe he would be an excellent Senator.

In an Rasmussen poll conducted immediately following Murkowski's original concession to Miller:
Miller - 50%
McAdams - 44%.
From the article:
"Ninety percent (90%) of Democrats back McAdams while 79% of Republicans throw their vote behind Miller. McAdams holds a 22-point lead among voters not affiliated with either major political party." (emphasis mine).
Remember: More than 50% of Alaskan voters are not unaffiliated with any party.

In a heads-up against Miller, McAdams had a real shot. He had nowhere to go but up, and would have closed that 6% gap... and now Murkowski has thrown a real monkey wrench into it.

She will likely NOT win, but could certainly siphon off enough of the rational voters to ensure a Miller win.

Thanks, Princess Lisa.

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