Sunday, February 7, 2010

She Who Would Be President... And A Quick Poll.

This is not going to be a diatribe against Sarah Palin.  

Not much needs to be said.

I simply want to point out:

This is the woman who is the spokesperson for the Tea Party movement.

This is the woman who, in this speech, snarkily referred to the POTUS "a guy with a teleprompter."

This is the woman who needs to scribble on her palm to remember "energy," "budget tax cuts" and lifting American spirits" --- "talking points" she's been hammering on for... oh.... more than a year now?

This is the woman who would be leader of the free world.

Holy cow.

Anyway:  Here's the poll question:

Henceforth, should this be referred to as

A) Sarah's Telepalmer™ ,

B) Sarah's PalmPilot™,

C) Sarah's HandyPrompter™

Answers will be tallied and shared later.