Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Honor Of The Birthday of Sarah Palin (or, She Who Would Be President™)

Now, everyone knows about the recent silliness stupidity of Sarah Palin writing notes on her palm so she could remember those pesky, really tough GOP talking points like "tax cuts" and "energy" at the 1st Annual Teabag Party Convention... while at the same time snarkily referring to the POTUS as just "a guy with a teleprompter."

Well, Sarah, since we know you're all "preachy" and "Christian" and everything, I'd like to point out a passage from the Bible you might  do well to remember:
You hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of your own eye; and then shall you see clearly to cast out the mote out of your brother's eye. -- Matthew 7:5
Here's proof of the Birthday Girl's hypocrisy, a screen capture of her State of the State Address in January of 2009, after the McCain/Palin loss in November.

Here's another screen capture:

Ah well...  what can you expect from a "girl with a telepalmer."


anon. said...

while you're focused on all-palin, all the time, there's real issues that deserve attention.

Palin is serving the role that serves her purpose.

While you're distracted, others are busy undermining your position, and you'll wake up one day and wonder when and how that happened....

It happens when you're focused on the irrelevant.

Wolfe Tone said...

Thanks for the criticism.

However, I'm not going to apologize for amusing myself once in a while with Palinosities.

Now, excuse me while I go watch the latest "Jersey Shore" and "Survivor" episodes.

anon. said...

which only serves to lend support to my position that while vast numbers of Americans are distracted, (by distractions by and large manufactured by your opposition), that opposition is shown to be still working to undermine your position.

I hear people say all the time they don't have time to 'research the facts' so they'd have some grasp of policy questions.

No time ?, I say ? Yet they can tell you who is who on Survivors and what strategies and plot turns they expect to see in the future episodes.

It hasn't anything to do with not having time to grasp the complexities of policy, it has to do with not being capable of grasping why you're being distracted in the first place.

Amuse yourself by watching cartoons, then come back here and give your readers some substance beyond the cartoonish distractions.

Palin is nothing more than a distraction and the only way she'll fade into the irrelevance she deserves is for people like you to quit promoting her.

Her 'star power' ? You're giving it to her.

And your opposition can't thank you enough.


Wolfe Tone said...


You have demonstrated a pronounced inability to grasp irony... even when you're smacked upside the head with it.

You need to overcome your righteous indignation, and work on getting a sense of humor.

anon. said...

Perhaps instead of assuming I need to 'get over' anything you might want to erroneously assign as something being characteristic of myself, or wishing to presume that I lack a 'sense of humor', you might want to delve into the concept of irony and/or what constitutes the ironic.

It's off-hand and overindulgent usage is seldom reflective of any reality that might constitute there actually being any irony or ironic intent.

If you'd only look into the origins of the specious you'd know that none of the definitions of irony are appropriate to your fallacious misconstruction.

Sarcasm is not, in and of itself, ironic or properly defined as irony.

There is no dramatic irony involved as this isn't an instance in a play where the audience has information the actors are unaware of.

Similarly, there is no evidence of situational irony, it can't be said that a contrary result came into play through any parralel.

I did observe some disingenuous incongruity but there's no irony in that, nor is it a source that should engender some sort of humor.

Smacking yourself in the head might make you think you've solved the zen koan of the sound of one hand clapping, but it's more likely you've just not accepted that the answer still eludes you.

You can lead a horse to water, ....but a pencil has to be led.

Figuratively speaking, it's still your pencil, what you do with in spite of whatever council you may receive, is still up to you.

Wolfe Tone said...

It spite of your dissertation, it's pretty obvious that you're not only challenged in the humor department... you're extremely full of yourself.

When I feel that I require your council (sic), I'll ask for it.

Until then, I'll seek counsel elsewhere.

A suggestion: If you don't enjoy reading what I write... don't read it.

Or, pick up your own pencil, and educate us all.

Anonymous said...

I did pick up a pencil, rather than viewing it as an opportunity to learn, you've only ever been looking askance at it.

Your delivery of your stated wish that maybe you may become 'educated' hasn't shown that there is any sincerity behind it.

I suppose you must think of that as ironic when again it comes across as naught but unconcealed sarcasm.

Have it your way, you've shown an ability to demonstrate your spite and your hubris while ignoring addressing the context.

Whatever counsel you've listened to till now has clearly been taken to heart.

I'll leave it to you to ponder what might be the irony in all that ?

Wolfe Tone said...


While I realize you believe your criticism of me is justified (and it may well be), I would submit that your own attitude demonstrates some genuine hubris as well.

What I attempt to do with this blog (besides expressing my views while amusing myself) is to both inform and amuse the reader.

You appear to dislike that mix, and somehow have concluded that I'm being irresponsible.

For an unknown blogger like me, with a handful of readers, taking a swipe at Palin in passing is hardly comparable to the undivided (and undeserved) attention she receives from the mainstream media (and virtually every other Alaskan blogger).

My voice is certainly not heard above that din, and in my opinion, scarcely adds to it at all.

However, for some reason, you've singled me out as a "worst offender," and, in an arrogant and condescending manner, have made a concerted effort to "teach me" the error of my ways.

Here's the deal: Because of her outrageous behavior and celebrity status, sometimes, Mrs. Palin is going to come up in the mix... whether you like it or not.

As I've said in a number of previous posts, and at least once in response to you: I'll do my best to not focus on Palin too much.

Why don't you see if you can do the same?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

and no, despite your thinking maybe I have, I haven't 'singled you out'.

In fact, I've written to a multitude of 'blogs' in hopes they would learn that the 'celebrity' they complain about is only a celebrity because they helped to create that celebrity, and they continue lend that support and they continue to contribute to what is only enlarging that celebrity.

You don't demonstrate the irrelevancy of any issue or being by continuing to give that irrelevant issue or irrelevant being your continued focus.

Instead of 'bloggers' reacting to all the same daily or weekly exposes competing for momentary attention, which are dished up as representing the outrage du jour, in other words, all of them cutting and pasting essentially the same thing, there's no evidence that the majority of them are interested or capable of becoming pro-active and getting out ahead of an issue or staying focused on an issue, Nope, the next day they all take their cue from amongst themselves and run off chasing the next new outrage. Consequently, relevant issues slide off the bottom of the page, readers are directed towards the misdirection and those who deserve focus are forgotten, and issues that need constant focus are neglected.

My focus isn't on Palin, or any of the other misdirections, my focus is directed towards issues and beings that have relevancy.

You can't focus on relevancy by constantly running off looking in the opposite direction at whatever new distraction or shiny object that's placed in the way of your focus.

You can let your reality be formed for you, or you can keep focused on the reality you want.

I don't know and don't pretend to know what you want, I only know focusing on distractions and irrelevancy will get you an irrelevant and unfocused reality.

tootle ooo for now,

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