Monday, February 22, 2010

Party Before Country: Lisa Murkowski - Footsoldier in the Grand Obstructionist Party - UPDATED - UPDATED AGAIN.

Who in the hell in Congress wouldn't want to pass a bill that creates more jobs for Americans?  A bill to help create jobs for a hurting America seems like it should be a no-brainer, right?  

Even a paltry $15 billion measure to create jobs should get no opposition.

Question:  Who in their right mind would think that making Democrats (and this President in particular) fail is more important than helping American workers?

The GOP, that's who.

Yes, it was a trick question... the "in their right mind" part should have been the giveaway!

Today, in Washington, DC, a procedural vote (called cloture) was held to determine whether or not a Jobs Bill would reach the floor for a vote.   Under current filibuster rules, a bill needs at least 60 votes to end debate, and bring the measure to the floor for a pass/fail vote.

The GOP tried to filibuster the measure, and something very unusual happened:  They failed.

Newly-elected Republican Senator (and former Cosmo centerfold) Scott Brown (R-MA) - whose election the GOP cheered and chortled about because his vote made sure the Democrats no longer had the 60  votes needed to avoid a filibuster - bucked his party and voted for moving the bill to the floor.

The irony is delicious.

Brown was joined by Maine's Republican Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe.  When it comes to procedural votes, Snowe has locked horns with her party before, and both Collins and Snowe have made it clear that they will put party differences aside to create jobs.

Other Republicans joining Brown were Sen. George Voinovich (OH) and Sen. Kit Bond (Mo.), who are both retiring... and therefore have nothing to lose by telling their GOP colleagues to stuff it  - after no doubt getting some concessions from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reed (D-NV) for their "Yea" votes.

So, by a tally of 62-30, the Jobs Bill evaded the dreaded filibuster and is headed to the floor for an up-or-down vote.

Unsurprisingly, Alaska's Mark Begich voted with most of the Democrats to move the bill to the floor.

But... who voted "NO!"?

Why, "Lock-Step Lisa" Murkowski, of course!

Hypocrite that Murkowski is, if and when any jobs created by this measure come home to Alaska, you can bet your ass on one thing:

Lisa will be out there smiling and taking credit for it.

When she does, she should be reminded that she was against jobs before she was for them.

It should be mentioned that this Jobs Bill was made up entirely of TAX CUTS.
You know, the Number One GOP Talking Point™?
So important that Sarah Palin had it scribbled on her hand?

So, in order to appease her GOP bosses, Senator Lisa is on now officially on the record as being OPPOSED TO TAX CUTS!
You know, because the Democrats thought tax cuts were a good idea.

UPDATE: This morning (2/24), the bill came to the floor, and passed by wide "bipartisan" (snort) 70-28 margin.
Of course, Lisa Murkowski was FOR it this time

That way, she can come back home and with a huge smile, claim she created jobs and cut taxes...
even though she opposed a floor vote for the measure in the first place.

Please, Alaskans.
Remember this arrogant duplicity.
Lisa's banking that you won't.

h/t to Bob Cesca.

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