Friday, February 19, 2010

Carey's Chief of Staff Bannock Carries His Own Philosophy... and ... HUH?

After reading the article in today's Peninsula Clarion, I was left wondering exactly what the hell Mr. Bannock (and perhaps, the reporter) was trying to say.
From the article:
Bannock's ideal political model would essentially extend the assembly's U-shaped table into a circle around the audience. That circle would put Bannock's usual seat in the back of the assembly and his future seat at the table on a nearly level plane.
Think of the spherical globe Atlas holds atop his shoulders. Government, Bannock says, should be like Atlas: hoisting the world up so that it can spin freely (emphasis mine).
 Again, from the article:
As the director of Alaska's Division of Motor Vehicles, Bannock put that into practice. His management style allowed lower-level employees to shape some of the office's operations.
 The article continues...
In that kind of system, a manager's role is devalued and can often be eliminated.
Duane got his wish.
Commissioner Annette Kreitzer fired Bannock in 2007 because the two were "unable to bridge the gulf of differences in management and communication styles," Bannock says.
"I strive to set myself apart from the "business as usual" crowd. Otherwise, what's the point?" Bannock wrote in response to his firing in June 2007. "For me, this was never about a job; this was my chance to change the world."(emphasis mine)
Change the WORLD?
As director of the DMV?

Have delusions of grandeur much, Duane?

The bottom line comes near the end of the article:
If Bannock realizes his true political ambitions, he will someday represent the Kenai Peninsula in the Alaska State Senate (emphasis mine).
That's what his new job as Dave Carey's Chief of Staff is really about, folks.

Duane "Atlas" Bannock.
Coming soon to a pedestal near you!

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