Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jon Stewart Lets Bill Kristol Paint Himself Into A Corner

Well, shortly before I succumbed to the sandman last night, I watched the Daily Show. I was curious to see how Daily show correspondent Jason Jones' coverage of the Palin Departure© would play.

It was funny. Not a riot, but funny. The Stupid™ were obviously out in force at the event.

But the REAL gem of the show was Stewart's interview with Bill Kristol, Editor of the right-wing Weekly Standard.

Stewart gave Kristol plenty of rope, and Kristol winds up saying a couple of very strange and amazing things:
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You can conclude two things here - Kristol is... interesting, and Stewart is pretty brilliant.


Matt Osborne said...

Dear God. Fifteen minutes! Stewart always gives the most time to neocons.

Why does Kristol even GO ON THIS SHOW??

Wolfe Tone said...

I think Stewart gives the most time to neocons because he has so much fun screwing with their heads.

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