Saturday, May 23, 2009

Would It Be Redundant To Point Out That Sarah Palin Is A Moron?

Pretty much every other progressive Alaskan blogger has already said this, so it probably is. Repetitious. But I have to say it anyway.

Sarah Palin is a moron. She's proven, time and again, that she has no grasp of governance, she has no grasp of practical politics. She has no grasp of ethics, she has no grasp of decency, she has no grasp of even the appearance of impropriety.

In fact, the only two things that Sarah Palin seems to have a solid grasp of is how to keep her name in the headlines (all the while complaining about her name remaining in the headlines), and how to procreate.

That's pretty much it.

On Thursday, Governor Palin vetoed $28.6 million from the State Budget passed by the Legislature. Federal energy funds that were part of President Obama's stimulus package. Monies that would have allowed the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation to increase energy efficiency programs, such as home insulation and weatherization.

Palin said that if Alaska accepted the money, the state would be "forced to adopt a statewide energy efficiency code."

She apparently is proud of this action: "Alaskans and our communities have a long history of independence and opposing many mandates from Washington, D.C.," Palin said in a prepared statement. "The question of whether or not to adopt energy building codes is best determined by local governments, not Washington, D.C."

But Governor Palin is either very, very confused about that point, or is simply lying. Take your pick, either option will fit.

Even members of her own party were a bit aghast.
"This issue has been researched thoroughly by legislative staff and we couldn't find one string attached to those funds," said Rep. Charisse Millett, R-Anchorage, co-chair of the House Special Committee on Energy.
"If there was ever a state in the union that energy was important to, it's the state of Alaska," Sen. Bert Stedman, R-Sitka, co-chair of the Senate Finance Committee said. "I think she's playing politics, Wasilla politics or maybe national politics, but certainly not Alaska politics," continued Stedman.
Of course, last year, Sarah had no problem praising the Legislature, when at her urging, they authorized a $1,200 check to every Alaskan man, woman, and child as a $744 million form of vote buying energy assistance. But to accept funding that could help Alaskans with energy costs for the long-term? Nah.

On Fox News, no less, State Senator Bill Wielechowski nails it (in spite of Cavuto's attempt to soften Wielechowski's message):

Palin pretty much dared the legislature to override her veto if they don't like it.

That's not likely to happen, but I wish it would.

Palin needs to be reminded that she's a Governor, not a Queen.


Matt Osborne said...

Oh, but she IS a queen. She wears her hair as a crown.

veralynn said...

I seriously feel sorry for you guys. Would there be any support for impeachment? Not on this issue, but for just being her? When does her term end?

Silly Ratfaced Git said...

Your conclusion was inescapable. Sarah Palin is a moron.

VeraLynn - "When does her term end?"

Not soon enough. Next year IIRC.

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