Monday, May 18, 2009

Jesse Ventura Bodylams Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View (Updated)

Well, figuratively speaking.

At Monday's taping of The View, former pro wrestler, Navy Seal, and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura delivered a verbal bodyslam to host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the subject of waterboarding.

As a faithful member of the Crazy™ right wing, Hasselbeck attempted to twist the subject around so that it was all about Nancy Pelosi, but Mr. Ventura stayed on track:

It may be a bizarre day when I agree with Mr. Ventura... but he's dead on target this time.

Good job, Jesse!

By the way... can anyone explain to me why Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a TV "personality?"

Yeah, she's attractive... until she starts talking.

It's no wonder Elizabeth likes Sarah Palin so much.

They share that trait.

Update: For a funny, go to Matt Osborne's site, Osborne Ink.


Maeve said...

He makes lots of good points; I saw a clip of him on Larry King last week, making similar points. And the following day, blogs on the left and the right were tearing at his reputation, his political legacy, his service during was pretty disgusting. Seems some of the dems are feeling a little threatened by their acquiescence to the Bush Chaney Torture Circus, of course, they weren't in power then and could do nothing to change what was going on, but I'm not sure they made enough of a stink about it either...

Matt Osborne said...

The reason Hasselbeck is a TV "personality"? Really, it IS her dumb-blonde-ness. She's accessible to the lowest common denominator -- an example of WHY television is the vast cultural wasteland.

Thanks for the linkage! I was wondering why my hits spiked tonight...

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