Friday, May 8, 2009

Another Reason Why I Like Our President

There are a number of things I disagree with President Obama about.

While he was still the junior Senator from Illinois, while I understood his reasoning, he still broke my heart with his FISA vote. I'm not happy with his administration allowing the telecoms immunity from civil suit over the whole domestic spying question.

Not prosecuting the reptilian bastard attorneys who misconstrued the law so they could give the green light to enhanced interrogation techniques torture rankles me.

Not prosecuting those at the highest level (i.e., Cheney and his entire cabal) who pushed said attorneys for that "legal decision" is, I think, a mistake.

While Obama
has forbidden torture and "extraordinary rendition" of terrorism suspects, rendition is still okay under certain circumstances.

Yes, it bothers me. I could go on, but I won't. You get the gist.

But today, in a rejection of the pretend-cowboy "you're with us or against us, there's a new sheriff in town" style of diplomacy as practiced by the last occupant of the White House, President Obama has announced that
as promised, he will address the Muslim world directly.

This pleases me no end.

After a long, dark journey, we finally have a President who understands that the first step in solving problems is not to issue ultimatums, threats, or strut about like a banty rooster.

It is instead, to extend one's hand, and make the effort to engage in open dialogue.

Thank you, Mr. President.