Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Violence: The GOP/Tea Party Tactic Du Jour For The Mid-terms.

By now, unless you've been living in a cave (or "Dancing With the Stars" is your only television fare) you are no doubt aware of the numerous incidents recently where GOP/Tea Party candidates have had engaged in the use of unwarranted physical force and violence against those they perceive to be "the enemy."

On October 17, Alaska Dispatch editor and reporter Tony Hopfinger was "arrested" and handcuffed by private security guards goons employed by Alaska U.S. Senate GOP/Tea Party Express candidate Joe Miller:
Just what bad thing did Hopfinger do?  
He had the audacity to act like a journalist.  Following a public campaign event at an Anchorage, Alaska school hosted by Miller, Hopfinger tried to ask the candidate questions about ethics violations committed by Miller when he was a part-time assistant attorney for the Fairbanks North Star Borough.  
As it turns out, the revelation of Miller records with the N. Star Borough showed that Joe Miller is just another unethical liar.

As outrageous as the Hopfinger incident was, it was mild in comparison to some other events around the nation.

On October 25, at a public Lexington, Kentucky Senatorial debate, Tim Profitt, a (now former) Bourbon County coordinator for GOP/Tea Party Express Senate candidate Rand Paul's campaign, literally stomped on volunteer Lauren Valle:
What offense did Ms. Valle commit to receive such brutal treatment?
She protested against Rand Paul. She wore a Rand Paul-style blonde wig and held a sign identifying him as a the "RepubliCorp" candidate.  
Tim Profitt doesn't allow THAT kind of crap in Bourbon County!  Yeehaw.
Not only is this "macho man" proud of himself for being one of  the five Rand Paul goons who assaulted a petite young woman, this asshat actually thinks SHE owes HIM an apology!   

Shortly after the Rand Paul - Tim Profitt outrage, another incident has hit the news:
At another public event held on October 25 in Louisa, Virginia for House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Doucheville), Mr. Jon Taylor of Louisa County, Virginia was wrestled to the ground and arrested for "trespassing."  

This time, the manhandling was performed by three brave Virginia law enforcement officers (it looks like they hire them by the pound in VA), who implemented a lot more force than seemed necessary, in my opinion.
The courageous trio of cops had Taylor in a double arm-lock, making it impossible for him to "put his arms behind his back" as they ordered, so they fed him the sidewalk and charged him with "resisting" as well:

What was Jon Taylor's real "crime?"
He's a Democrat, and he had the audacity to attend an Eric Cantor's "Victory Tour"... a public event which he'd actually RSVP'd the day before.

It's less than a week until the general election.  I expect to see more of these incidents before then... and if the GOP/Tea Party succeeds in winning majorities in the House and Senate, most likely even more later.

I guess it's their version of "The Real America."

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