Monday, September 27, 2010

Miller Lie? Whatever He Thinks You Want To Hear. After All, Joe Thinks You're Stupid.

In the primary race, US Senate candidate Joe Miller said lots of things.  Things straight out of the corporate giant Koch brothers-funded Tea Party Express playbook.

They were fraudulent, jingoistic positions he espoused, quite simply, to solidify his ultra-right wing base, and wrest the Republican US Senate nomination from Senator Princess Lisa Murkowski.

It worked.

The problem is that now, Carpetbagger Joe has to appeal to not only the extreme right wing, but to more moderate Alaskans as well.  Alaskans who are worried about his "scorched earth" concept of ending federal programs and spending that are a major part of Alaska's economy and infrastructure.

So, in an effort to win over moderates (he only needs a few) Carpetbagger Joe Miller has been dancing the old soft shoe, to the tune of "that's not what I really meant."

In the September 24 edition of the Anchorage Daily News, Joe Miller backpedaled and bobbed and weaved.  A lot.

In the Aug. 4 Project Vote Smart candidate survey, Carpetbagger Joe Miller said
  • He favors eliminating federal funding for education.
In an interview last week with the ADN, Miller "explained" that he didn't really mean that.  What he MEANT was that he wants Alaska in the near-term to "get the same $360 million in federal education money -- just not to be told by the federal government how to spend it."  
Give us the money, but we want it with no strings attached.
To Project Vote Smart, Miller said 
  • He favors eliminating federal agriculture subsidies
Of course, from 1991-1997, Joe received more than $7,000 in subsidies from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for land that he owned in Kansas. Now he's against it, because, after all, he got his.  Others must now take the hurt.
To Project Vote Smart, Joe Miller said
  • He does not support the federal government providing college students with financial aid.
(I'm going to let slide the fact that this guy has a West Point education, worth $250-300K and paid for by our tax dollars... more of the "I've got mine, screw you" mentality.)
Joe Miller "clarified"  his views on this matter:  He said what he means is that student loans "should be administered by the state and not the federal government."
Huh.  More "give us the money, but we want it with no strings attached."

In the interview, Miller also said he doesn't want to immediately cut off all government spending, but that spending must be reduced because "because of the fiscal state that we're in as a nation. No one can argue with the fact that we're broke." 
In the same Project Vote Smart Survey, Miller said
  • He favors eliminating ALL taxes.  Alcohol taxes, gasoline taxes, cigarette taxes, corporate taxes, ALL personal income taxes, federal estate taxes, capital gains taxes, and  taxes in pretty much any other category, too... while increasing or maintaining ALL defense spending (not to mention the spending he's now said he doesn't really want to cut).
So... the country is broke, and his answer is to cut off all government sources of revenue?  If you don't get that logic, you're not alone.

Carpetbagger Joe is NOT stupid.
According to his own website, he graduated from West Point with honors.  He has a degree from  Yale Law School, and has a Master's in economics from the University of Alaska.

So - if he's not stupid, how can one explain his contradictory, simplistic stances on issues important to Alaska, and to America?


To anyone paying the slightest bit of attention, it's apparent that Carpetbagger Joe Miller is a fraud.  

A political chameleon, willing to assume any appearance in order to get elected.

That alone is reason to give him a wide berth, no matter your politics.

h/t to packy for the graphic.

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