Thursday, May 13, 2010

How's That "Rainbows and Chocolate Milk" Thingy Working For Ya, Representative Taylor?

On May 1, Mississippi Congressman Gene Taylor flew over the BP Gulf Spill, and pronounced to his constituency and to the world at large the oil spill is large but it's "not Armageddon." (emphasis mine).  Taylor described the spill as a light, rainbow sheen with patches that look like chocolate milk.

When I pointed out on May 2 that Taylor sounded like an ignorant asshat, I was sternly rebuked by Rep. Taylor's aide, Brian Martin, who made the following comment:
The oil is already breaking down by the time it surfaces from 5000 feet down, then on the surface the waves and sun break it down further. The thin sheen is the last of it (emphasis mine).
When I concurred with Broadway Carl's view that Representative Taylor comments were not too bright, Mr. Martin couldn't let it lie.  On Broadway Carl's blog, he called both me and Carl "morons."

Now, it's revealed that the BP Spill is flowing at a rate possiblly 10 times worse than previously thought... the equivalent of the Exxon Valdez every four days... and no one knows where the hell the undersea oil is going or what environmental havoc is being wreaked.

Hey, Gene and Brian:  How's that "rainbows and chocolate milk" thingy working out for ya?

h/t to Broadway Carl and to AP for the picture.


Anonymous said...

Alaska's Republican U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski today blocked legislation that would have lifted the $75 million liability cap protecting big oil companies like BP from paying for economic damage caused by their oil spills.

Wolfe Tone said...

Yes, I know.
It's disgusting.

I think that's why she's referred to as
"Lease a Murkowski."

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