Sunday, April 18, 2010

On Irony Deficiency.

From Those Who Would Have Led America™:

Item Number One:

On Saturday, in Washington, Illinois, Sarah Palin (without a hint of irony) said that President Obama's statements about the United States' role as a military superpower "didn't  make sense."

This from Our Lady of the Tossed Word Salad™.

The facts?

Earlier in the week, to explain why the United States has a responsibility to help resolve conflicts around the world before they reach crisis proportions, the president said:
"It is a vital national security interest of the United States to reduce these conflicts because whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them, and that ends up costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure." (emphasis mine)

Gosh, I must be one of those "elite intellectuals," Sarah, because it made perfect sense to me:

If we don't get involved now, we'll have to get involved later... at a tremendous cost.

However, instead of "getting it," Sarah Palin claimed that Obama has "a world view where we have to question whether we like it or not that America is powerful." (emphasis mine)


Perhaps she really did take away that meaning from the president's speech.  If so, it doesn't speak well for her intellect.

Or, perhaps she understood completely (as did anyone with even a rudimentary grasp of American English), but just cherry-picks parts of statements by the president to further her never-ending quest to remain in the public limelight (which also says something about her intellect... and even more about complete her lack of ethics).

Want to hear Palin's idea of "makin' sense?"

Item Number Two:

Never one to pass up the chance to slam the Obama administration, on Fox News Sunday John McCain stated (also with no trace of irony) that he didn't need to hear about no stinking memo from the Pentagon to know the United States didn't "have a coherent policy" for dealing with Iran's nuclear program.

This from the man who, along with Sarah Palin, ran the most incoherent campaign for the White House I've seen in my lifetime.  I've seen lunatic fringe candidates who made more sense.

The facts?

According to the New York Times, in January of this year, Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote a classified memo that warned of the lack of a long-term plan to deal with Iran's atomic ambitions.

The NYT says Gates' memo spurred the Obama administration to come up with new options.  According to the administration, they were already working on it.

Want to know McCain's idea of an Iran strategy?


The former 1/2-term governor of Alaska, who never makes sense, claims that what our president says doesn't make sense, and one of the most incoherent U.S. Senators and presidential candidates ever claims the Obama administration's policy is incoherent.

You can't make this stuff up.


freeper said...

I'm going to ignore Palin,

...I'd recommend everyone else start ignoring her too.

There's other things going on that no is is paying any attention to because they're all tripping all over themselves trying to pay attention to Palin or some other diversion from reality.

The news today out of the Alaska legislature is that they're paying to set up a Houston Texas company and pay the costs of that Houston Texas company's business.

Think the state will get the profits ?

Nope. The legislature just figures they should spend our money setting up private business so those private businesses can go on to make their profits.

The private business owner is quoted as saying he's thrilled the state is going to pick up most of the costs for his business.

(gee whiz, I would be too, if the state was picking up most of the costs of my business, .....wouldn't you ? )

He says that the state picking up his business costs and paying them for him is going to make it easier for him to sell his business plan and borrow even more money.

What the heck, right ? The banks will lavish money on him since the State of Alaska is paying the cost of business.

Do you suppose any of the local 'tea-baggers' are demonstrating about this ? You know who I'm talking about, those folks who say government shouldn't be intruding into their lives.....

Ha ha ha ha ha ha .

I've got a question for any business owner reading this right now.

Are most of your business costs paid for you by the State of Alaska ?

If not, ...why not ?


Wolfe Tone said...


I'd love nothing better than to ignore SP... but since no one else will, she won't go away.

It's disheartening.

Cable news networks (especially Fox) have become "All Sarah, All The Time"

Honestly, I really do try to limit my time and energy spent on her.

Grace said...

Palin will not be ignored & it's probably a bad idea to try to do so. The right wing nuts certainly aren't. They're following everything she's says, from Death Panels to palling around with terrorists. The health care reform attempt could easily have been lost once the Death Panels mantra took hold with the Republican leadership. If those who wanted and needed it hadn't paid attention and shone light on the lies, it all could have gone down the drain.
If you pretend that you don't have a lump in your breast, that lump isn't going to go away, and that's what Palin is - a lump. And she has an effect on the whole body politic of the USA.

freeper said...

The trouble with your analogy Grace, is that if you spend all your time obsessing about an unconfirmed lump, and someone else comes along and lobotomizes you when you're not paying attention, you won't care about that lump anymore, won't care about anything.

You'll have lost the ability to respond to anything.


Wolfe Tone said...

The only thing I have to add is to say I like the analogy of "Palin = Cancerous Lump"

freeper said...

The analogy might be attractive, as well as it can be argued it might be wholly accurate.

I agree, as far as that goes, it's accurate. Palin is a disease on the body politic.

But is Palin, the lump, deserving of as much attention or fretting as she is able to command or attract ?

That is a different question, not addressed in the 'lump analogy'.

One cancerous lump in someone's breast doesn't mean much if the body dies from inattention to systemic tumors spreading throughout the brain and the rest of the body.

Too often 'a lump' can be survivable, that other concern is not.

If a condition of over-all health is to be maintained, one can't ignore one malady at the expense of obtaining well-rounded and comprehensive diagnostic tests, required care and treatment for the whole body.

I'm only suggesting we learn to prioritize our attention to a whole system approach to maintaining our over-all health, and recognize the need to attack infections according to their magnitude and their criticality to maintaining our existence.

If we obsess too much over a non-critical issue at the expense of forfeiting to the much greater threat, we will have failed.

We may be eventually become 'lump free', or that specific ailment may go into remission, ....but we're dead by then, so I think you'd agree, somewhere along the line we missed the whole point.

I can't imagine I'm the only one who recognizes larger more imminent threats that are being largely ignored while some or distracted and attending to the less significant spectacle of Palin.

History shows we often have a preference for taking what we think is the easy way out. It's easy to refute how deranged Palin is.

It's harder to tackle the larger issues. Those larger issues aren't as easy to address.

Someone, at some point, is going to have to put in the work.

The Palin show is designed to be a distraction, we all know there's little substance behind the spectacle.

I'll try another analogy.

It has to do with not being able to see the forest, concentrating too much on one tree.


Wolfe Tone said...


I concur that far too much attention is lavished upon Palin.

I was just amused by the concept of Caribou Barbie as a cancer upon the body politic.

In truth, I prefer to think of our former 1/2 term Governor as the Paris Hilton of politics.

Grace said...

Too often 'a lump' can be survivable, that other concern is not.
And too often it is not.
Yet you exhorted Wolfe to ignore Palin, just as you do.
If you read here on a regular basis, you know that he often addresses other issues of concern to Alaskans. Those of us who don't live there are concerned about the Lump, which may well prove malignant, as well other problems of concern to all Americans. You're urging (it comes across as scolding) him to discuss a rather esoteric matter that might be slightly interesting to non-Alaskans, but not really.
Personally, I like reading his take on national events & figures. And I recognize that he doesn't need me defending him or the subjects he chooses to write about but I'm opinionated.

Wolfe Tone said...

I've long been in a bit of a quandary about handling a problem like Sarah.

Frankly, I'd love nothing better than to ignore her... but as long as she's the darling of the media, she cannot be ignored.

freeper said...

Grace, that esoteric matter ?

Unless I have the wrong impression, Wolfe Tone and a substantial number of readers do live in Alaska, and the matter is anything but esoteric, especially to the person I addressed my comments to.

In fact, the question I spoke of is something that's actually happening. It's not someone's suspicion or a virtual what if....

Palin is nothing but spectacle, she's full of bluster and blithers senseless idiocy on a regular basis, but she no longer has her mitts on the controls of government.

She's a 'celebrity' and not unlike Paris Hilton or Ann Coulter before her. Sure she's on TV, but just like Paris and Ann she's just as irrelevant outside of the 'celebrity'.

All three of those gals manufactured a gig that's supposed to keep you either enthralled or maniacally obsessed with their bombast.

The people that do have their hands on the controls, and are presently at work implementing their idiotic policies, are actually doing material damage.

They aren't engaged in a virtual hissy fit played out in every tabloid in the nation, they're working behind the scenes, free from scrutiny because most folks are watching the spectacle,

which leaves the criminals and the pickpockets free to roam among the spellbound crowd robbing them blind.

Wherever you're at, grace, have you so little faith in your brethren that you honestly think Palin has any relevance beyond the batshit crazy fringe and the man-made unreality of the spectacle ?


(and grace, you speak of scolding as if it could only denote something negative ? Did you somehow grow up without learning from being scolded ? Couldn't that be viewed as a positive learning experience ? Would you prefer I employ verbal abuse, some form of corporal punishment ? Become tyrannical and dogmatic ? )

I made a suggestion, so please, leave off the hyperbole, those who employ it on right wing radio or someplace like that should be an example of how tired and trite that kind of thing is. It doesn't wear well on you.

Later grace,.... another several tens of million just flew out of our Treasury and it wasn't Palin that took it.

Have you checked who's dipping into your treasury where you're at ?

Don't get too distracted by the spectacle. You might end up fleeced, ...or worse.

( I'm just saying, it's not like it hasn't happened before.... )

Best of luck with the biopsy, Grace, most of those lumps, though highly stressful, turn out to be benign.

But it's always best if you actually get the opinion of some professionals before you fret too awful much. Get another opinion or three or four before the stress itself starts causing you more problems than the lump.

Most folks at the initial discovery of a lump automatically think the worst.


kodiakgriff said...

Gimme a break already. Ignoring Palin is a no brainer. Just turn the channel, flip the page, hit the off button.
Campaign for it! A ministry of silence will cure the irritating rash she has become to all Alaskans. Let Alaska lead the nation in a blissful Palin-free diet.
Maybe if the rest of the nation witnesses our disavowal of the girl who would be king, they will slowly turn.
I advocated for all to ignore her persistent dream of international stardom when she ditched us as Governor. Why? Because I saw this coming folks.
So just get out there and let the folks down south know that she does not speak for Alaska, only Fox News and her own misguided mission.
Then shut it off and stop reacting to every mention of her name. Regardless of which side of the fence you stand by. Be an Alaskan first.

Wolfe Tone said...

Frankly, Griff, I'd love nothing better than to ignore Palin, and her to go away... and as you might have noticed (compared to some bloggers, Alaskan and otherwise), lately I've tried pretty hard to stay off that bandwagon.

Unfortunately, she is very skilled at being a lightening rod for media attention (can't we go back to our national discussion of Octomom?).

Thanks to Fox News, MSNBC and CNN, Palin simply will NOT be ignored.

Anyway, my comments about her will be as limited as I can make them.

There are, indeed, bigger fish to fry.

freeper said...

Here's a link you could build a post around wolftone.

I found the perspective to be one that could stand widespread exposure.

freeper said...

Sorry, the link was incomplete,

( I inadvertently omitted the 'l' in html.)

here you go:


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