Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fox's Morris: Classy, Dick.

Former President Bill Clinton traveled to North Korea and managed to convince Kim Jong Il that releasing American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling would be a good thing.

Since Bill Clinton was involved, Fox News "political contributor" Dick Morris tried to portray the event as a not-so-good thing (Dick does NOT like either of the Clintons - he said that he would leave the United States if Hillary Clinton were elected president in 2008).

Dick thought that Clinton's trip to North Korea was "awful" and "ridiculous."

Furthermore, Morris's view is that the two Americans should have just gone to prison.

Tough apples for them.

Way to be classy, Dick.

Perhaps you can go have a few beers and commiserate with Bush's former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton about this "diplomatic travesty."

Even though Bolton's first name is John, he's another Dick, just like you.

h/t to Huffington Post and Media Matters.

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