Friday, June 12, 2009

Note to Sarah Palin: STFU. Please.

Yeah, I'm aware that grabbing any photo op she can, and prancing in front of the cameras of any media outlet to spew her verbal diarrhea is all part of her master plan to become President of the United States.

But I am no longer amused. I am just tired of her. Her 15 minutes are long expired.

Let's see... as another building block to prove she's "America's foremost expert" on energy, she just spread Alaska's legs for Exxon.

Remember Exxon? I thought you might.

Today, Sarah was hitting all the media outlets she could, from telling CNN's Wolf Blitzer that she'd "made no decisions" about her political future (sure, she's not running for President) to telling the Today Show's Matt Lauer that people need to "start rising up" against that monster David Letterman.

Bitch, please.
If you'd stop being a media whore, you'd stop being the butt of Letterman's humor.

Here's a phrase you should learn: "No comment."

Try it.

h/y to Shannyn Moore, Progressive Alaska and Huffington Post.


veralynn said...

"Bitch please. If you'd stop being a media whore, you'd stop being the butt of Letterman's humor"

By god that is the best piece of advice I have heard this week!!

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! You should email this to her. I would love to see if her balls are big enough to respond. (Yeah, I know the answer is she wouldn't, but a girl can dream right?)

Matt Osborne said...

Palin apparently didn't learn from her running-mate's example: you don't fuck with the Late-Nite hosts.

veralynn said...

You know she isn't that bright Matt. Of course, if you had told me this was going to happen, I would have said she would be fighting with anyone other than Letterman.

kodiakgriff said...

Once again we are in accord. Many months back, just after the V.P. debacle, I pleaded with the Palinator to either learn those very words, listen to her handlers, or hire better writing staffers. She is a passionate person, on that I think we can all agree. So we must be careful for we ask of her. Think about this. What if the Guv did become a more methodical and thoughtful speaker? What if this taught her that passion, countered with patience and planning are truly formidable?
You might end up with a small force of nature, a political power, that does not agree with you. Then what?
As for the Exxon thing, well I am reserving any comments until I have learned more about the whole thing. In other words, I am avoiding knee-jerk reactions. To bad more of the media and our politicians are not practicing the same ability.
Luv the bog,

Anonymous said...

TransCanada is a Canadian Company that builds pipe lines and they work as partners with other oil companies. Exxon is one of their partners. The major oil companies who work in Alaska have been planning and sorting out an Alaskan gas pipeline for maybe a decade or longer waiting for the right time for the gas pipeline to be built. ( yep, years before palin was in the news as a computer hacker) One of the things they hadn’t sorted out was how much Alaskans were going to require from them so they could build their pipeline through our state. About a year ago palin fixed that. She decided it would be nice if Alaskans paid a huge amount to a Canadian company to build it for the oil companies instead of them paying us. She did this deal without even one small restriction of having them hire any Alaskans, or Americans even. When this deal was signed the Chief Executive of TransCanada (Hal Kvisle) went back to his country and proudly announced in Aug last year what he had gotten away with and yes he also announced Exxon was in on this deal. So why is anybody surprised now? This is old news. So you decide. Was palin played by the oil companies like a marked deck of cards, or does she have both hands deep into slippery oil company pockets?

Wolfe Tone said...

The answer is probably both:
She was played, AND she has both hands in their pockets... and they have both hands in Alaska's pockets.

kevin said...


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