Friday, June 26, 2009

I'd Be Remiss If I Didn't Mention This: Sarah's At It Again!

Since Michael Jackson's death is clogging up the Intertubes, Caribou Barbie's gamely doing her best to grab any kind of attention she can.

Once again, she succeeded. Sort of.

Sarah is visiting the troops in Kosovo.

Why in hell an Alaska Governor is playing to the troops in Kosovo, I dunno. But I understand why a Presidential Candidate might. I just hope Alaskans aren't picking up the tab.

Unfortunately for Sarah, that gosh-darned King of Pop had to go and spoil her big headliner trip by shuffling off the mortal coil, you betcha. And also.

As a set-up: The other day, Senator John Kerry made not-very-good "Mark Sanford joke."

Kerry said that if a Republican Governor had to go missing, it was too bad it wasn't Sarah Palin (a lot of Alaskans feel the same way, John).

But hey, we all know Kerry's no comedian.

Naturally, Sarah just couldn't pass up the chance to respond with a joke of her own. Making fun of Senator John Kerry's physical appearance.

If you can't stand listening to 10 minutes of her patented "stream of unconsciousness" word salad, skip forward to near the end, about 9:45 in:

The irony here isn't that her joke isn't original... or even that she prattled on for ten minutes and made little, if any, sense.

The irony is that she cribbed this tired joke from pretty much every late-night comic out there... including David Letterman.

h/t to Rachel Weiner at Huffington Post.


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